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Jagatjit Industries Ltd


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What are peers and why compare against them?

A stock's peers are companies which have similar business interests, operations and belong to the same industry sector. Comparing various metrics against peers can give valuable insights on whether the company's stock is over/under-valued and the company's growth outlook vs the industry as a whole

Peers & Comparison

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Consumer StaplesAlcoholic Beverages


StockFY PE RatioFY PE RatioPB RatioPB RatioDiv. YieldDividend Yield
Jagatjit Industries Ltd866.898.00
United Spirits Ltd67.5711.48
United Breweries Ltd104.529.700.73%
Radico Khaitan Ltd60.317.830.25%

Price Comparison

Compare JAGAJITIND with any stock or ETF
Compare JAGAJITIND with any stock or ETF