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Financial Statements


Balance Sheet

Cash Flow

What is an income statement?

The income statement indicates a company's financial performance measured over a reporting period. Performance is assessed by summarising how the business incurs its revenues, expenses and net profit or loss incurred over the period. It's also called the P&L statement

Income Statement


Financial YearFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021FY 2022TTM
Total Revenue139.96199.16303.57396.29568.85
Raw Materialssubtract110.20156.99241.41321.22507.24
Power & Fuel Costsubtract0.620.840.931.41
Employee Costsubtract5.547.5211.2012.69
Selling & Administrative Expensessubtract11.8815.8019.2621.49
Operating & Other expensessubtract0.62-0.85-1.45-6.94
Interest & Other Itemssubtract2.082.241.422.622.81
Taxes & Other Itemssubtract1.983.707.239.8413.74
Payout ratio0.

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