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Every year, the time frame of the Muhurat Trading session is designated during the most fortunate hour of the day, and the stock exchanges determine the timings. This year, the session will be held on Monday, 24th October 2022. The entire trading duration is 1 hr. 

If you are wondering how to place stock orders during this hour-long trading session, this article has you covered. Let’s look at the basics of placing stock orders during Muhurat Trading and whether it differs from normal trading sessions.

How to place stock orders during Muhurat Trading

To invest in the stock market, you need to have a Demat account and a trading account. Make sure you have any one of the accounts operational to start investing. Once that is done, you can use Tickertape to find stocks and place buy orders. Investing in the stock market is as easy as buying something on an e-commerce platform. But the real work is to find the right stocks that suit your needs. 

Out of 7000+ companies listed on the stock exchanges, finding the right stock is not an easy task. Especially on the day of Muhurat Trading, where the trading duration is just 1 hr. Therefore, you need to be prepared with your choice of companies in advance. This is the first step you must follow before placing your stock order during the Muhurat Trading session.  

Analyse and Watchlist  

Given the short duration of Muhurat Trading, it can be a last-minute hustle for the investors to pick stocks and analyse the company before investing. But if you are on Tickertape, you need not worry about this as you can Watchlist your preferred stocks prior. Here are the steps to find stocks on Tickertape. 

  • Launch Tickertape and search for stocks. OR
  • If you don’t have any particular stock in mind, go to the Stock Screener and add filters to find the top stocks in the market. 

Now analyse the fundamentals of the company. Then you can add these to the Watchlist, which will have all your preferred stocks in one place and help you easily track the stock price. 

You can add stocks to the Watchlist in two ways. 

  1. Go to the Watchlist section, enter the name of the stocks you want to track and select.
  1. Go to individual stock pages and click the Watchlist button next to the stock name.

Once the stocks are added to the Watchlist, you can track the price movements, and on the day of Muhurat Trading, you can place the order as per your choice without having to analyse the company in that limited time.    

Placing stock orders 

Now that you have already analysed the companies and Watchlisted them, you can easily buy them during the session by following the steps below. 

  • Go to your Watchlist screen 
  • Select your preferred stock and click on “Add to Basket” 
  • Go to your “Basket” 
  • You will find the list of stocks you want to purchase along with the purchase quantity 
  • When you click on the ‘Place Order’ option, you will be redirected to your broker account, and you can review your order by clicking on ‘Review Order’. Then you can place the order and then ‘Confirm’ and Voila! Your order will get placed.

Before placing the order, ensure your broker account is linked to Tickertape and funds are available in your broker account ledger. 

Note that the stocks in the images are for pure reference only; these are not recommendations.

Market schedule on Muhurat Trading

Here’s the market schedule for the day of Muhurat Trading in 2022.  

Block deal session 17:45 to 18:00
Pre-open session18:00 to 18:08
Muhurat Trading session18:15 to 19:15
Closing session19:25 to 19:35
Total trading duration1 Hour
  • Block deal session This is when two parties agree to buy/sell a stock at a fixed price and inform the stock exchange.
  • Pre-open session – During these 8 mins, the stock exchange determines a balanced (open) price for the stocks. 
  • Muhurat Trading session – This is the actual trading session of 1 hr. During this time, the buyer or seller can perform actions. 
  • Closing session – During this time, the traders can place orders at the closing price. 

Difference between placing orders on Muhurat Trading and regular days

Trades performed during the Muhurat Trading session are similar to usual trades. Other than the timings of the investment in the market, the rest of the exchanges’ operations are the same.  


Now you know how to place an order using Tickertape on Muhurat Trading. If you are still seeking the perfect muhurat to begin investing, Muhurat Trading 2022 can be your lucky start. 

Look for stocks with excellent fundamentals, the potential for growth, and a positive cash flow. If you are unsure which stocks to invest in, you may begin your study using Tickertape Stock Screener. It includes over 200 filters allowing you to quickly sift through many companies based on crucial key indicators. 

Don’t miss out on this once-a-year opportunity! Invest during the Muhurat Trading session. Happy Diwali, and may this Muhurat Trading session bring you good fortune!

Note that though Muhurat Trading is considered auspicious, it doesn’t guarantee returns. The stocks may perform well on the day of Diwali, but the performance later depends on the company’s fundamentals and macroeconomic factors. Therefore, an investor must look at a company’s financials before investing. 


1. Can we sell stocks on Muhurat Trading?  

Yes. You can sell stocks on Muhurat Trading. Muhurat Trading is considered an auspicious day for stock trading.

2. How many stocks can we purchase on Muhurat Trading?  

There is no particular limit for the stocks to trade on Muhurat Trading. However, make sure to check the financials of the company you are investing in.

3. Are gold ETFs considered safe bets to invest? 

Gold ETS are considered safe investments as gold prices are not hugely impacted when the equity market is volatile. You can visit Tickertape and search for the Gold ETFs of your choice.  

4. Can I place bulk orders on Tickertape?   

Yes. Tickertape allows you to place bulk stock orders. Follow the steps below to place bulk orders:
– Visit your preferred stock page
– Click on ‘Place Order’ 
– Select the quantity of the stock and click on ‘Add to Basket’ 
– Visit your basket to review the stocks and the quantity 
– Click on ‘Place Order’ to purchase.

5. How to find the list of top stocks on Tickertape? 

Finding the best stocks on Tickertape is easy by using the Stock Screener.
– Log in to Tickertape
– Open the Stock Screener
– There are 200+ filters. Add the filters according to your stock requirement 
– Find the list of various stocks 
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