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Investing in mutual funds is a good way of diversifying risk and optimising returns. Like other asset classes, picking a mutual fund that fits your portfolio requires smart analysis. Enter Tickertape.

Now launching Mutual Fund Pages on your favourite investment analysis platform. Let’s explore the tool with an example: SBI Bluechip Fund.

How to launch a Mutual Fund Page on Tickertape?

Visit Tickertape screener and find your desired Mutual Fund in the search box. For the purpose of this article, let us consider SBI Bluechip Fund Page as an example.

Application of Mutual Funds Pages

Tickertape’s Mutual Funds Pages are rich with information essential to make informed investment decisions. Let’s look at how each section helps you evaluate a mutual fund of your choice.

1. Investment checklist

This part of the Mutual Funds Page offers a quick checklist of the investment essentials of a mutual fund.

2. Overview

This section records vital information about the AMC profile, the mutual fund’s scheme, and key metrics. For one, you can see a price chart that shows the fund’s performance over various timelines including 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, and so on.

Next, the overview section mentions the underlying asset class of the fund, assets under management (AUM), and risk associated with it. The next set of vital information you can find here are the key metrics such as expense ratio alpha and beta values, tracking error, Sharpe ratio, and yield to maturity of the fund.

While the beta is a measure of the volatility of the fund as compared to the entire market, alpha shows the excess return of the fund compared to its benchmark. The expense ratio is the cost of operating and running the fund, which is measured as a percentage of the fund’s assets. Sharpe ratio is the average return earned over and above the risk-free rate per unit of total risk or volatility.

In addition to this, you can also see peers of the scheme and their key metrics: 1Y returns, 3Y CAGR, expense ratio, which allow a quick comparison. You can click on any scheme that interests you to do a detailed analysis.

But what really highlights Tickertape’s Mutual Fund Pages is its “Tax Calculator”. Here, you can learn the tax implications of investing in units of SBI Bluechip Fund for less than and over 1 yr. Next, the calculator also ascertains your returns after-tax based on the data you enter. All you have to do is select your investment frequency, set your monthly contribution, expected CAGR of the fund, investment horizon, and your estimated annual income.

3. Peers

This section of Tickertape’s Mutual Funds Page, allows you to do a detailed comparison of 3 peers of the scheme based metrics related to returns, scheme, and ratios.

In addition, the Peers page also allows you to do a price comparison of 3 funds for your desired timeline.

4. Portfolio

Finally, we have the portfolio section, which throws light upon quarterly targeted and actual Asset Allocation of the fund, quarterly sector distribution, and sector weightage over various timelines. The “Current Holdings” lists the constituents, holding weightage, and 3M change in the same.

That’s about it, folks! Explore Tickertape’s Mutual Funds Pages today to power your portfolio with this asset class 🙂

Aradhana Gotur