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Shortcodes allow you to display stock or ETF information & enable transactions directly on your website. It's as simple as copy-pasting a URL or code snippet!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tickertape shortcode?

Tickertape shortcode is a mechanism to add stock transactions to existing web pages with ease.

We currently support 4 methods of embedding:

  1. Embed a generated snippet from this shortcode dashboard
  2. Wrap a ticker in custom markup
  3. Attach transaction action to your existing CTAs
  4. Using shortcode payloads for shortcode enabled sites

In all of these cases you are required to add our shortcode script to the webpage using the following code:

<script async src=""></script>

How to use this mechanism in Single Page Applications (like React / Angular / Vue)?

The script exposes a method window.scEmbedController.load(). You need to call this method after your components are mounted to the DOM. In case of React, while using snippets from the dashboard, you need to add the snippet as dangerouslySetInnerHTML.

How to attach transaction action to existing CTAs?

This method is similar to the one above. It adds an onClick handler to existing clickables (like buttons, anchors).

  1. Add class="sc-hover" to your clickable
  2. Add data-ticker="[stock ticker]" to your clickable
  3. Optionally add data-quantity and data-ordertype as described in the previous method

The card is not showing up for me - what’s the issue?

For the card to render, check whether -

  1. Network request for embed script & iframe is failing
  2. Content Security Policy is blocking script or iframe from loading? Configure your CSP policy to allow script & iframe to be loaded from
  3. Embed script is executing before the element with 'sc-embed' class is loaded