Last Updated on Aug 18, 2021 by Aradhana Gotur

As India celebrates its 75th year of independence this year, we asked a few people behind Tickertape to share what financial freedom means to them. Here are a couple of answers.

Name: Rakesh Rathod
Age group: 40 to 45 yrs

Simply put, financial freedom to me is to have the freedom to choose my days of work and allocate time to activities that I like. All the while not having to worry about hurting the finances attached to it. I want to rest assured that all my goals will be accomplished without waking up to work for money. It’s a Mad Money Journey.

Name: Neil Kurien
Age group: 21 to 25 yrs

I find myself frequently fascinated by different things, and the only thing stopping me from exploring them is time and money (let’s ignore my laziness). If I think skateboarding is cool, I should be able to buy a skateboard right now and then spend all day learning how to do a kickflip. So, financially freedom to me means having the money to enable all of my explorations.

Name: Ankit Dixit
Age group: 21 to 25 yrs

Financial independence for me means the ability to travel the world, own a mansion in a quiet place, and enjoy my everyday life without having to plan the next day.

Name: Saranya Sri
Age group: 21 to 25 yrs

Well, the mere thought of managing finances overwhelmed me a few years ago. But with time, I was taught to be responsible with money and make sound financial decisions. I started caring about my dream and that of my family’s. Now I save and invest so that I can become financially independent. When you know where to invest your money, you’ll also know where to invest your time. Big words from me today because of a careful decision I took years back.

Name: Abel Matthew
Age group: 21 to 25 yrs

It means to do whatever I want regardless of what I do for a living. It is as simple as ordering my favourite food on a weekend without having to think twice. The goal is not to be rich but to be able to feel relaxed within my financial space without worrying about what tomorrow might bring!

Name: Pavana KR
Age group: 26 to 30 yrs

Financial freedom for me is to be able to sustain even during adversity. If I were to lose my job or quit it for some reason, being able to comfortably live life without worrying about finding the next job for at least a year.

As you can see, financial freedom could mean different things to different people. Ask yourself what it means to you and work on planning for the same. Happy independence day!

Aradhana Gotur