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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd27-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell3,00064.91 L0.09 %2,163.73
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd24-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell8,0001.65 cr0.25 %2,057.56
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd23-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell3,50068.69 L0.11 %1,962.60
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd22-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell6,9371.34 cr0.22 %1,927.21
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd21-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell4198.04 L0.01 %1,918.31
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd20-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell4028.00 L0.01 %1,991.12
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd17-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell78316.76 L0.02 %2,140.58
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd16-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell1,58234.76 L0.05 %2,197.22
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd15-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell3,05471.01 L0.10 %2,325.23
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd14-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell1,97846.91 L0.06 %2,371.74
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd13-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell2,26956.32 L0.07 %2,482.08
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd09-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell3,40089.01 L0.11 %2,618.02
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd08-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell2,92975.88 L0.09 %2,590.71
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd07-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell1,58539.74 L0.05 %2,506.94
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd06-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell1,92851.34 L0.06 %2,662.75
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd03-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell2,54870.97 L0.08 %2,785.32
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd02-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell2,52673.86 L0.08 %2,924.04
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd01-Sep-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell1,11734.63 L0.03 %3,100.30
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd31-Aug-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell2,63984.05 L0.08 %3,185.07
VIJSOLXVijay Solvex Ltd30-Aug-2021Nirmala DeviInsider - PromoterSell3,7671.16 cr0.12 %3,067.24