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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG13-Nov-2023SHRUTINA NEXGEN LLPInsider - Promoter GroupBuy1,00,0001.35 cr0.16 %135.24
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG21-Jun-2023DIPALBEN PRAKASHBHAI DAGAInsider - Immediate RelativeBuy7,3152.98 L0.01 %40.77
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG12-Jun-2023MAHARSHI PRAKASH DAGAInsider - Immediate RelativeBuy2,00088,454 ~ 0.00 %44.23
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG01-Jun-2023Utsav K. DoshiInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy1,00,00036.99 L0.16 %36.99
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG22-May-2023UTSAV K DOSHIInsider - PromoterBuy2,00,00079.45 L0.33 %39.72
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG22-Apr-2021UTKARSH RAJESH DOSHIInsider - Promoter GroupBuy25,7001 0.04 %0.00
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG04-Jan-2021DEVYANI C. DOSHIInsider - Promoter GroupBuy4,60,0001 0.75 %0.00
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG11-Mar-2019DHWAJA SHARES & SECURITIES PVT LTDBulkBuy12,75,0005.09 cr2.07 %39.91
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG11-Mar-2019HARDIK MANOJ SHAHBulkSell5,00,0002.00 cr0.81 %40.00
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG11-Mar-2019SHAH VAISHALI YATINBulkSell5,00,0002.00 cr0.81 %40.00
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG15-Nov-2018POOJA BHAVESH BHAGDEVBulkBuy5,21,1141.51 cr0.85 %28.94
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG15-Nov-2018HANSABEN DIPAKBHAI PUJARABulkBuy6,51,3521.73 cr1.06 %26.60
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG15-Nov-2018POOJA BHAVESH BHAGDEVBulkSell5,21,1141.39 cr0.85 %26.76
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG15-Nov-2018HANSABEN DIPAKBHAI PUJARABulkSell6,68,6741.94 cr1.09 %29.00
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG16-Oct-2018HANSABEN DIPAKBHAI PUJARABulkSell4,35,7511.37 cr0.71 %31.49
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG16-Oct-2018HANSABEN DIPAKBHAI PUJARABulkBuy4,47,4381.42 cr0.73 %31.75
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG11-Mar-2015JAGDISH PRASAD BAGRIBulkBuy4,00,00065.00 L0.69 %16.25
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG11-Mar-2015ROHIT SHYAMSUKHA HUFBulkBuy3,78,64059.22 L0.65 %15.64
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG11-Mar-2015ROHIT SHYAMSUKHA HUFBulkSell3,78,64061.64 L0.65 %16.28
Rajoo Engineers LtdRAJOOENG13-Nov-2014RAJASTHAN GLOBAL SECURITIES LTDBulkBuy6,13,78175.99 L1.06 %12.38