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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd21-Dec-2021ASHISHBHAI NATAWARLAL SOPARKARInsider - PromoterBuy9,15066.62 L0.02 %728.11
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd21-Dec-2021NAYANABEN ASHISHBHAI SOPARKARInsider - Promoter GroupBuy1,3009.43 L~ 0.00 %725.60
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd20-Dec-2021NAYANABEN ASHISHBHAI SOPARKARInsider - Promoter GroupBuy5,50039.54 L0.01 %718.98
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd20-Dec-2021ASHISHBHAI NATAWARLAL SOPARKARInsider - PromoterBuy8506.10 L~ 0.00 %717.43
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd17-Dec-2021DHIREN MADHUR GOYALInsider - Promoter GroupBuy1,0007.45 L~ 0.00 %744.73
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd17-Dec-2021RUCHI ASHISHBHAI SOPARKARInsider - Promoter GroupBuy9757.43 L~ 0.00 %762.51
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd16-Dec-2021RUCHI ASHISHBHAI SOPARKARInsider - Promoter GroupBuy6254.78 L~ 0.00 %764.49
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd15-Dec-2021DHIREN MADHUR GOYALInsider - Promoter GroupBuy1,0007.62 L~ 0.00 %762.40
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd02-Dec-2021ASHISHBHAI NATAWARLAL SOPARKARInsider - PromoterBuy12,50092.02 L0.03 %736.17
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd01-Dec-2021MAULIK JAYANTIBHAI PATELInsider - PromoterBuy15,0001.03 cr0.04 %685.55
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd01-Dec-2021PATEL KARANA RAMESHBHAIInsider - Promoter GroupBuy14,50099.40 L0.03 %685.55
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd01-Dec-2021ASHISHBHAI NATAWARLAL SOPARKARInsider - PromoterBuy2,19715.34 L0.01 %698.20
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd01-Dec-2021RAMESHBHAI MEGHJIBHAI PATELInsider - PromoterBuy9,05163.12 L0.02 %697.41
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd01-Dec-2021RAMESHBHAI MEGHJIBHAI PATELInsider - PromoterBuy5613.94 L~ 0.00 %701.56
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd30-Nov-2021MAULIK JAYANTIBHAI PATELInsider - PromoterBuy20,0001.33 cr0.05 %665.80
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd30-Nov-2021RAMESHBHAI MEGHJIBHAI PATELInsider - PromoterBuy15,00099.83 L0.04 %665.53
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd29-Nov-2021RAMESHBHAI MEGHJIBHAI PATELInsider - PromoterBuy14,50099.40 L0.03 %685.54
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd29-Nov-2021Kruti Adesh PatelInsider - Promoter GroupBuy1,5009.96 L~ 0.00 %664.32
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd29-Nov-2021MAULIK JAYANTIBHAI PATELInsider - PromoterBuy15,00098.52 L0.04 %656.79
MFLMeghmani Finechem Ltd29-Nov-2021ADESH KIRITKUMAR PATELInsider - Promoter GroupBuy1,5009.95 L~ 0.00 %663.66