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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
V Guard Industries LtdVGUARD08-Aug-2022BIJU PRAMOD PInsider - Designated PersonSell5001.20 L~ 0.00 %239.28
Coforge LtdCOFORGE08-Aug-2022Ajay KalraInsider - KMPBuy70027.54 L~ 0.00 %3,933.95
IIFL Wealth Management LtdIIFLWAM08-Aug-2022Mehul JaniInsider - EmployeeSell6,00099.15 L0.01 %1,652.42
Indusind Bank LtdINDUSINDBK08-Aug-2022ARUN KHURANAInsider - Designated PersonSell4,00042.15 L~ 0.00 %1,053.75
Mphasis LtdMPHASIS08-Aug-2022Balasubramaniam VedagiriInsider - Designated PersonSell6,0001.42 cr~ 0.00 %2,366.68
Quality RO Industries LtdQRIL08-Aug-2022Vivek DholiyaInsider - PromoterBuy10,0005.27 L0.71 %52.70
V Guard Industries LtdVGUARD08-Aug-2022JAYASREE KInsider - KMPSell1,0002.38 L~ 0.00 %238.46
Avenue Supermarts LtdDMART08-Aug-2022Gunjan Prakash TalekarInsider - Designated PersonSell46019.02 L~ 0.00 %4,135.72
Coforge LtdCOFORGE08-Aug-2022Suman Kumar KonkumallaInsider - Designated PersonBuy17,8357.02 cr0.03 %3,933.95
GP Petroleums LtdGULFPETRO08-Aug-2022Nivaya Resources Private LimitedInsider - PromoterSell10,0005.55 L0.02 %55.53
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN08-Aug-2022MEGHSHREE CREDIT PRIVATE LIMITEDInsider - PromoterSell3,00,00045.65 L3.66 %15.22
Arvind LtdARVIND06-Aug-2022Susheelkumar Mohanlal KaulInsider - EmployeeBuy61,6556.17 L0.02 %10.00
L&T Technology Services LtdLTTS05-Aug-2022SEEMA U GHANEKARInsider - Designated PersonSell1,00035.68 L~ 0.00 %3,567.79
KPIT Technologies LtdKPITTECH05-Aug-2022Sagar RawadeInsider - OtherSell2,25011.84 L~ 0.00 %526.06
KPIT Technologies LtdKPITTECH05-Aug-2022Prabakaran ChinnasamyInsider - OtherSell2,70014.20 L~ 0.00 %526.06
JSW Energy LtdJSWENERGY05-Aug-2022Mr. SANJEEV TANSUKHLAL DOSHI & MR K S N SRIRAM Trustees of JSW ENERGY EMPLOYEES ESOP TRUSTInsider - TrustSell1,77491,893 ~ 0.00 %51.80
Patel Integrated Logistics LtdPATINTLOG05-Aug-2022PATEL HOLDINGS LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell1,12,04717.93 L0.31 %16.00
KPIT Technologies LtdKPITTECH05-Aug-2022KPIT Technologies Limited Employees Welfare TrustInsider - OtherSell8,85046.40 L~ 0.00 %524.27
L&T Technology Services LtdLTTS05-Aug-2022KESHAB PANDAInsider - DirectorSell4,8591.72 cr~ 0.00 %3,547.77
Oracle Financial Services Software LtdOFSS05-Aug-2022Onkarnath BanerjeeInsider - KMPSell2006.71 L~ 0.00 %3,353.00