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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
VISTARAMARVistar Amar Ltd22-Oct-2021MADHUSUDHAN GUNDABulkBuy31,84722.63 L1.00 %71.05
UNISTRMUUnistar Multimedia Ltd22-Oct-2021ALPHA LEON ENTERPRISES LLPBulkBuy80,00110.92 L0.80 %13.65
RLFLRamchandra Leasing and Finance Ltd22-Oct-2021T R RADHAKRISHNANBulkSell4,50,0002.75 L0.88 %0.61
NARAYANINarayani Steels Ltd22-Oct-2021MAHAVEERSOLANKIBulkSell1,23,00034.69 L1.13 %28.20
MNILMega Nirman & Industries Ltd22-Oct-2021KABIR SHRAN DAGARBulkBuy35,1844.75 L1.05 %13.50
KOCLKome-on Communication Ltd22-Oct-2021DIVYAKANDABulkBuy90,0002.70 L0.60 %3.00
MNILMega Nirman & Industries Ltd22-Oct-2021DEEPAK KUMARBulkSell46,0716.29 L1.38 %13.65
MNILMega Nirman & Industries Ltd22-Oct-2021KABIR SHRAN DAGARBulkSell13,3031.84 L0.40 %13.85
MUZALIMuzali Arts Ltd22-Oct-2021ASPIRE EMERGING FUNDBulkSell8,73,46530.48 L1.79 %3.49
INDRAINDIndra Industries Ltd22-Oct-2021PRITI BOKDIABulkSell57,0002.46 L0.88 %4.31
NARAYANINarayani Steels Ltd22-Oct-2021LALJIBHAI TRIVEDIBulkSell79,06122.96 L0.72 %29.04
MNILMega Nirman & Industries Ltd22-Oct-2021SEEMABulkSell51,8717.00 L1.55 %13.50
KOCLKome-on Communication Ltd22-Oct-2021HASMUKHRAY LADHABHAI SHETHBulkBuy1,41,7444.14 L0.94 %2.92
MNILMega Nirman & Industries Ltd22-Oct-2021AKASH DAGARBulkBuy1,11,67915.26 L3.34 %13.66
MFSINTRCRPMFS Intercorp Ltd22-Oct-2021MEHTA MANISHKUMAR INDRAVADANBulkBuy25,0002.67 L0.58 %10.69
MNILMega Nirman & Industries Ltd22-Oct-2021SITA RAMBulkBuy49,6006.70 L1.48 %13.50
MNILMega Nirman & Industries Ltd22-Oct-2021SITA RAMBulkSell51,0756.90 L1.53 %13.50
AKIAKI India Ltd22-Oct-2021HARSHVARDHAN SINGHANIABulkSell1,50,00020.09 L1.46 %13.39
NARAYANINarayani Steels Ltd22-Oct-2021MAHAVEERSOLANKIBulkBuy1,05,00030.68 L0.96 %29.22
MUZALIMuzali Arts Ltd22-Oct-2021AEGIS INVESTMENT FUNDBulkBuy8,73,46530.48 L1.79 %3.49