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SBI Magnum Medium Duration Fund(IDCW-Payout)

DebtMedium Duration Fund
Large-size FundAssets Under Mgmt: ₹ 7,110 Cr
Moderately High RiskPrinciple investment will be at moderately high risk
18.200.01% (+0.00)

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Investment Checklist

Fund's average annual rolling returns over the last three years is compared against the funds from the same category

Fund has been able to generate better returns compared to other funds in the same category

Expense Ratio
Expense Ratio is the fee paid by investors of Mutual Funds. Fund's expense ratio is compared against the expense ratio of other funds in the same category to check if the fund is charging more or less compared to other funds in the same category

Less expense ratio implies better returns over the long term

Return vs FD Rates
If fund's return is lower than the average fixed deposit rates offered by banks, investors are better off investing the amount in a FD

Fund has not been able to generate better price return than bank FD

Red Flags
We check for various red flags on fund's portfolio holdings like - ratings for debt securities, pledging of promoter shares in the company, default probabiity of the company, stocks presense in negative lists published by the exchanges etc. Checkout the Holdings section in the Portfolio tab for full list of securties with red flags

Total holdings with red flags is insignificant

DebtMedium Duration Fund
Large-size FundAssets Under Mgmt: ₹ 7,110 Cr
Moderately High RiskPrinciple investment will be at moderately high risk

Key Metrics

Expense RatioExpense RatioNo LabelNo LabelNo LabelNo Label
No LabelNo LabelNo LabelNo LabelNo LabelNo Label

About Medium Duration Fund

Medium duration funds are debt funds. They invest in debt and money market securities for the macaulay duration between 3 to 4 years. They have lower maturity than medium to long duration funds and long duration funds.

Scheme Info

PlanPlanLock inLock inExit LoadExit Load
IDCW0 yrs1.50%
Nil for 8% of investment and 1.50% for remaining investments or or before 12M Nil after 12M
SIP Inv.SIP Inv.Min. LumpsumMin. Lumpsum
Not allowedNot allowed
NIFTY Medium Duration Debt Index

Tax Implications

Investment period < 3 years

Gains are added to taxable income and taxed according to the individual's income tax slab

Investment period > 3 years

Gains are taxed at 20% with indexation benefit

Let’s calculate your returns after tax

Investment frequency


One Time

Monthly Investment Amt. (₹)

Investment period (years)

CAGR (%)
This CAGR is calculated based on the actual past return given by the fund during the selected investment period. This is the annualised growth rate assuming monthly compounding.
Annual Income
As per the tax implications, in some cases, tax on MF returns depends on your annual income slab
After indexation
Indexation is used to adjust the purchase price of an investment to reflect the effect of inflation on it
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AMC profile

With 30 years of rich experience in fund management, SBI Funds Management Ltd. (SBIFML) bring forward their expertise by consistently delivering value to their investors. They have a strong and proud lineage that traces back to the State Bank of India (SBI) - India's largest bank. They are a Joint Venture between SBI and AMUNDI (France), one of the world's leading fund management companies., SBI currently holds 63% stake in SBIFMPL. They have been actively managing their investor's assets not only through our investment expertise in domestic mutual funds, but also offshore funds and portfolio management advisory services for institutional investors.

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