On the Discover page, There are 3 ways you can find your smallcase.

  1. All smallcases
  2. By Collections
  3. Newswire

All smallcases

In the All smallcases section, there are several filters to help you select a smallcase. You can filter the smallcases by their type and sort them by returns and minimum investment. Types are different kinds of smallcases. A Thematic type consists of smallcases reflecting a market theme or trend like rising middle-class income or improving brand awareness among consumers. A Sector Trends type consists of smallcases representing different sectors undergoing positive structural changes and expected to outperform in the future. Similarly, a Model-based type consists of smallcases built on fundamental, technical and dividend model.


Apart from type, you can sort smallcases based on their launch, recently rebalanced and yearly/monthly(1Y/1M) returns. You can also filter the smallcases according to their minimum investment required.


By Collections

If you are looking for a theme or topic, collections can be a good way to start with. Each collection is a group of smallcases based on a theme/topic. For eg: A Government Reforms collection consist of smallcases that are built around state policy announcements like Smart Cities and The GST Opportunity. You can select the theme/topic that interest you and see all the smallcases available around it. You can also sort smallcases in a collection by 1M/1Yr performance.



If you are looking to invest in smallcases that are affected by recent events and news then Newswire can help you find your smallcase. In the Newswire you can see latest news and the smallcase/s that are affected by it.  You can also filter smallcases and news by types (Thematic, Sector Trackers and Model-based).


Once you have shortlisted the smallcases you like, visit the smallcase’s page and read the rationale and methodology behind it. When satisfied, click on BUY SMALLCASE and start investing!