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At Tickertape, we are continuously on the lookout to make your investment analysis on our platform better and more meaningful. We strive to provide quality data and intuitive tools to analyse different assets. In line with this, we recently released a new set of features on our Mutual Funds Pages. Let’s take a look at what these are and how they can refine your Mutual Funds analysis experience.

1. Fund manager information

One of the popular reasons why mutual funds have gained traction is professional management. Every scheme is managed by an expert called the “fund manager”, who is responsible for allocating investors’ money across various underlying instruments such as stocks and bonds. Hence, they are ultimately responsible for the returns you earn from your Mutual Fund investments.

Therefore, evaluating the fund manager’s past experience and performance becomes important when choosing the right mutual fund to invest in.

a. One, the Overview section on our Mutual Funds Pages. Here, you can find basic information like the fund manager’s name, years of experience in the financial markets, and the total number of funds they have managed to date.

b. If you want to further dive into who manages your money, we have introduced a new dedicated Fund Manager tab. Here, you can further dive into the credentials of the fund manager managing your money. You can see details like the total AUM managed by the fund manager across all funds, their educational qualifications, their past experience, and the details of the other funds they have managed.

Note that the other funds they have managed are grouped sector-wise so you can assess their expertise based on the same. For example, of all the schemes managed by the fund manager, their top-performing schemes may be equity funds. So you may consider investing in equity funds that are managed by them rather than debt funds.

When you scroll down further, you can find the Manager Performance section. Here, you can view where the manager stands compared to their peers managing similar funds. Additionally, the section also allows you to quantitatively compare their performances based on a metric called Avg 1-yr return. This is a proprietary metric we calculate based on 1 yr returns and AUM managed by a fund manager in a particular category. For instance, you can analyse top large-cap fund managers, top liquid fund managers, and so on.

Note that this is a Pro-only feature.

2. Opinions and Fund Reviews

Another feature that we have added to Mutual Funds Pages is Opinions and Fund Reviews. Here, you can view curated video content about a specific Mutual Fund from different financial advisors, YouTube content creators, and others. You can also view what the AMC has to say about their funds via short videos or fund manager interviews. The best thing about this feature is that it is free to access by both Tickertape Basic and Pro users.

That’s about it, folks! With these two new features added to our Mutual Funds Pages, you can access all the information you need to evaluate your desired mutual fund scheme without having to jump on various platforms. Go ahead and try them yourself.

And, yes, don’t forget to let us know how you like it.

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Aditya Dwivedi