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All real estate companies listed in NSE

NameMarket Cap (Rs. in cr.)Close Price (Rs.)PE Ratio1Y Return (%)5Y Avg Return on Investment (%)
DLF Ltd121,079.87488.2559.4731.854.88
Macrotech Developers Ltd70,055.45718.05143.9434.286.21
Godrej Properties Ltd43,418.411,560.4075.9914.174.47
Oberoi Realty Ltd39,979.881,106.6020.9923.579.04
Embassy Office Parks REIT32,216.06304.1763.67-17.813.18
Phoenix Mills Ltd30,363.521,690.3522.7429.306.50
Prestige Estates Projects Ltd23,422.35601.5024.8739.4812.87
Mindspace Business Parks REIT20,155.50304.6671.07-18.16
Nexus Select Trust17,531.58115.43-5,942.91
Brigade Enterprises Ltd13,598.30588.4546.6613.357.06
Brookfield India Real Estate Trust REIT9,717.19249.9774.05-25.54
National Standard (India) Ltd9,411.004,685.501,140.73-12.346.08
Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd7,938.64509.0078.2718.911.29
Keystone Realtors Ltd7,137.84616.3587.10
Anant Raj Ltd6,392.80195.2042.30177.672.07
Sobha Ltd5,712.09581.4054.82-14.3611.60
Sunteck Realty Ltd5,424.11390.503,874.36-21.205.23
Nesco Ltd4,917.40682.3516.9218.3414.48
D B Realty Ltd4,035.8195.40-44.6564.620.10
Nirlon Ltd3,807.94418.9024.119.9010.42
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd3,757.7768.25-6.18-4.6110.60
Ganesh Housing Corp Ltd3,635.26441.2536.3238.914.22
Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd3,454.02450.8033.7165.868.16
Hemisphere Properties India Ltd3,211.95111.05-496.449.19
Puravankara Ltd2,385.73102.2035.892.568.72
Tarc Ltd2,310.6077.85113.65110.69-7.10
Ashiana Housing Ltd2,112.55203.6575.7739.441.56
Marathon Nextgen Realty Ltd1,659.73359.2513.7270.425.43
Arvind Smartspaces Ltd1,594.30356.7062.2394.819.03
Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd1,365.10381.4519.0941.546.29
Shriram Properties Ltd1,252.1871.9518.98-3.169.72
Elpro International Ltd1,070.2662.9622.33-3.8833.54
Texmaco Infrastructure & Holdings Ltd1,002.2179.35322.2534.26-1.06
Peninsula Land Ltd960.4035.959.90264.97
Omaxe Ltd858.7246.35-2.47-53.971.19
Arihant Superstructures Ltd701.16165.6516.43-6.398.66
Eldeco Housing and Industries Ltd700.90704.3515.8030.8818.80
AGI Infra Ltd693.73565.0014.428.0816.81
BEML Land Assets Ltd657.98162.90-1,044.42
Binny Ltd636.77281.6019.03-4.546.74
Oswal Greentech Ltd589.3822.9015.55-12.762.20
NDL Ventures Limited472.24147.001,749.05-64.250.67
Prozone Intu Properties Ltd389.9025.3515.402.842.52
GeeCee Ventures Ltd379.13172.0032.5727.084.98
Oswal Agro Mills Ltd374.5227.5515.69-27.123.40
Unitech Ltd366.281.45-0.36-14.71-5.38
Hubtown Ltd362.6048.0012.73-44.604.22
Adhbhut Infrastructure Ltd344.85313.50-29.5560.69-26.67
Kings Infra Ventures Ltd325.64133.8556.6365.766.12
Rudrabhishek Enterprises Ltd325.26188.0527.064.9413.38
Cineline India Ltd321.6696.55193.77-36.385.95
Parsvnath Developers Ltd315.517.45-0.64-8.02
Supreme Holdings & Hospitality (India) Ltd286.1687.1823.99-18.644.81
Emami Realty Ltd264.5367.55-6.85-7.849.24
PVP Ventures Ltd252.4510.401.0651.82
Alpine Housing Development Corporation Limited246.40142.75103.53111.644.45
Prime Industries Ltd215.47137.05138.122,410.072.82
Mercantile Ventures Ltd212.2018.9713.305.104.10
Lancor Holdings Ltd205.9852.12-588.52109.745.82
Nila Infrastructures Ltd204.825.20-455.16-11.8610.53
Newtime Infrastructure Ltd189.0811.10-51.24-2.37
P.E. Analytics Ltd186.06171.0017.5422.2313.44
Motor and General Finance Ltd185.3144.80-70.7359.15-2.98
Vipul Ltd184.7816.15-1.570.620.35
KBC Global Ltd179.732.80-113.0412.0014.51
Pansari Developers Ltd178.66122.8588.8838.893.79
Radhe Developers (India) Ltd158.633.16223.43-76.085.27
Manas Properties Ltd153.92370.006.150.0017.71
Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd148.79123.903.26194.431.66
Coral India Finance and Housing Ltd146.1036.207.98-7.659.59
Ravinder Heights Ltd145.1625.9023.5719.91
Ratnabhumi Developers Ltd138.37105.57576.546.582.04
Bhagyanagar Properties Ltd134.8642.1535.772.554.43
AMJ Land Holdings Ltd130.5930.6019.1516.795.52
Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd130.352.85-6.58-48.65
Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Ltd129.078.30-1.58-46.96
S V Global Mill Ltd128.3969.05987.6113.20-4.28
Art Nirman Ltd126.2850.751,262.77-31.420.57
Nila Spaces Ltd126.043.35-31.0513.563.23
Homesfy Realty Ltd122.21409.7549.28
Thakkers Developers Ltd115.20128.307.14-3.9710.05
Shervani Industrial Syndicate Ltd109.86406.004.65105.2110.66
BSEL Infrastructure Realty Ltd102.8612.212.64270.00-0.96
Trescon Ltd100.0313.5335.47-5.252.92
Sumit Woods Ltd96.3532.1012.61202.834.52
Krishna Ventures Ltd94.8985.67-2,372.22141.66-1.89
RDB Realty & Infrastructure Ltd92.2451.595.4744.511.78
Shradha Infraprojects Ltd91.9345.906.4793.261.87
Prerna Infrabuild Ltd91.8725.799.40-5.174.26
Shri Krishna Devcon Ltd90.7832.7118.8736.014.82
Raja Bahadur International Ltd88.383,535.00-19.86-11.63
Max Heights Infrastructure Ltd85.8056.20429.02349.603.49
Landmark Property Development Co Ltd81.836.10-12.51-14.690.47
Sam Industries Ltd78.7178.0314.58160.105.46
SVP Housing Ltd77.2870.30-33.171,089.51-0.80
HB Estate Developers Ltd66.0134.58-5.6892.651.77
Zodiac Ventures Ltd59.9316.1261.78-38.1212.62
BDR Buildcon Ltd58.2487.65176.500.004.55
Ansal Buildwell Ltd54.9175.70-19.47-22.957.41
Poddar Housing and Development Ltd54.5787.70-2.82-53.90-0.82
Rainbow Foundations Ltd53.6410.8131.55-8.005.23
Gujarat Credit Corporation Ltd53.5022.405,350.00-22.491.14
Arihant Foundations & Housing Ltd49.9359.175.0174.033.92
Modipon Ltd49.3142.10-80.8345.93
Shree Krishna Infrastructure Ltd49.1446.801,638.00306.960.90
Skyline Millars Ltd44.8511.50-24.2412.750.56
Shreeshay Engineers Ltd40.9329.99204.65-7.722.30
Manjeera Constructions Ltd38.4530.74-0.791.79
Shaival Reality Ltd38.0733.055.680.00-4.26
Tulive Developers Ltd37.39175.9529.671.12-0.24
3P Land Holdings Ltd35.9119.9523.4733.443.17
Nimbus Projects Ltd34.9032.991.58-0.48
Popular Estate Management Ltd33.8124.63-37.99-0.43
Bhanderi Infracon Ltd33.42128.7059.680.001.17
Country Condo’s Ltd32.594.1540.24-10.756.44
Luharuka Media & Infra Ltd31.773.3847.4211.181.69
Tirupati Sarjan Ltd31.589.5510.4611.059.71
Prime Property Development Corp Ltd31.5018.195.0942.11-5.13
Ansal Housing Ltd29.734.36-0.48-31.885.03
Simplex Realty Ltd29.70105.2023.5714.661.16
Grovy India Ltd29.6685.7132.9514.821.89
The Victoria Mills Ltd29.643,050.0012.6624.123.81
Future Market Networks Ltd28.485.25-
Swasti Vinayaka Art and Heritage Corporation Ltd24.572.728.39-1.4512.48
ETT Ltd23.6823.292.78-34.67-2.51
RTCL Ltd22.1918.2035.7949.557.13
Genus Prime Infra Ltd19.5213.39-1,952.3824.67-0.21
Techindia Nirman Ltd18.7014.85-51.9340.760.84
SSPDL Ltd18.4214.49-2.13-13.49
Martin Burn Ltd18.3236.3518.14-1.364.11
Rodium Realty Ltd18.1861.6020.2025.202.17
Square Four Projects India Ltd17.648.82-176.36-1.180.17
RAP Media Ltd16.1727.49-19.4819.52-1.37
Satra Properties (India) Ltd14.980.81-8.10-34.1516.06
Parshwanath Corp Ltd14.7647.1250.8955.003.83
Athena Constructions Ltd13.4118.76670.5072.432.05
Surya India Ltd12.7518.2521.984.890.97
Tradewell Holdings Ltd12.2440.74-29.8512.08-7.25
Nyssa Corporation Ltd11.913.9816.09-30.053.68
Sterling Greenwoods Ltd11.4927.40-9.58-23.140.77
Ladam Affordable Housing Ltd9.985.01-55.4211.330.87
Macro International Ltd9.5425.21477.093.74-0.58
IITL Projects Ltd8.4916.17-2.84-5.99
Asia Pack Ltd8.3731.7538.0677.370.72
Dhanuka Realty Ltd7.089.15-8.64-34.881.68
Sharanam Infraproject and Trading Ltd6.700.84-39.41-7.95-1.47
Sanathnagar Enterprises Ltd6.6620.71-22.1918.34
Rander Corp Ltd6.235.019.30-41.131.20
Vaghani Techno Build Ltd6.1612.38102.6643.291.19
Neo Infracon Ltd5.529.88-32.47-29.435.07
Decorous Investment and Trading Co Ltd5.4816.6654.79-14.120.86
Shree Precoated Steels Ltd5.2712.10-9.94-50.00
Raghunath International Ltd5.1510.40-128.76-33.336.54
KMF Builders and Developers Ltd5.134.1216.5418.392.25
Pushpanjali Realms and Infratech Ltd5.064.85-1.330.004.28
Swagtam Trading and Services Ltd4.8638.8232.38-13.920.65
Shricon Industries Ltd4.6337.323.8217.5412.22
Sikozy Realtors Ltd4.370.96-43.69-1.03-92.36
Aarcon Facilities Ltd4.347.29217.240.00-2.85
Epsom Properties Ltd4.295.76-13.8566.96
Anna Infrastructures Ltd3.8910.2317.6770.502.31
Patidar Buildcon Ltd3.586.63119.18-21.632.21
Jet infraventure Ltd2.3111.0338.53-65.800.86
Sheraton Properties and Finance Ltd1.3811.520.540.003.37
Ridhi Synthetics Ltd0.494.
Antariksh Industries Ltd0.031.340.150.0020.87

Note: The data is from 9th August 2023. To get this list of real estate companies in India on the Tickertape Stock Screener, apply the below-mentioned filter.

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One of the most globally recognised sectors in the world is the real estate sector. In India, the sector is the second-highest employment generator after the agriculture sector. The construction industry ranks third among the 14 major sectors in terms of direct, indirect and induced effects in all sectors of the economy. 

The Indian real estate market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. According to IBEF, the real estate market in India will grow to Rs. 65,000 cr. by 2040 from Rs. 12,000 cr. in 2019. In addition, with the SEBI’s approval for the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) platform, the sector would create an opportunity worth Rs. 1.25 tn in the Indian market in the coming years. Well, these are enough reasons for an investor to consider investing in the sector. 

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