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There are unlimited metrics and ratios investors can use to evaluate a company’s financial health.  But looking solely at a company’s revenue or income paints an incomplete picture. 

At Tickertape we are constantly working towards improving the data quality and relevance. To provide more value and context to your research we have added new filters

What’s Changing?

New Filters to help you paint a complete picture

We have added ten new filters. These filters will help you evaluate the expenses incurred by the company, fundamentals that can be easily overlooked. New filters will help you build a narrative towards a company’s performance so you can make a well-researched and properly evaluated decision.

What are these new filters though?

Please, go through the following table for a complete list and try them out on screener .

Raw Materials Expenses incurred on raw materials
Power & Fuel CostExpenses incurred on power and fuel
Employee CostExpenses incurred on employee wages and salaries
Selling & Administrative ExpensesExpenses incurred on marketing, selling products & services and managing the company
Operating & Other expensesOther expenses incurred in operating the company like rent, servicing of machines, R&D etc
Non Current AssetsSum of long term assets like property/plant/equipment, goodwill & intangibles, long term investment etc
Non Current LiabilitiesSum of long term debt, deferred tax liabilities & other long term liabilities
Free Cash FlowOperating cash flow remaining after deducting the capital expenditure for latest financial year
Deferred Tax Assets (Net)When business overpays taxes or pays taxes in advance the item is recorded as a deferred tax asset. These taxes are eventually returned to the business in the form of tax relief.
Deferred Tax Liabilities (Net)Tax that is assessed or is due for the current period but has not yet been paid.

Removed filters

We have removed the following 12 filters from our filters configuration.

Cost of Goods Sold
Gross Profit
Operating Cost
Research & Development Spend
Interest Income – Banks
Interest Expense – Banks
Net Interest Income – Banks
Loan Loss Provision
Preferred Shares Outstanding
Policy Liabilities – Insurance
Foreign Exchange Effect

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  1. Hey Udhaya,

    1. Adding and removing stocks from your watchlist on Tickertape is simple. All you have to do is login to the application and search for the stock you want to watch. On the search results screen, you will find a ‘watchlist button’ next to the stock prices. Click on it to add the stock on your watchlist. If the button is in black, it means the stock is in your watchlist. If it is in white, it is not.

    Alternatively, you can also tap on the watchlist option on the navigation bar that is located on the bottom of the home screen of the app. On the watchlist screen, click on the stock you want to top watching and tap on ‘Added to Wacthlist’ button.

    2. We do not have an option to arrange and filter stocks in your watchlist.

    3. We also don’t have an option to add sentiment for stocks in the watchlist.

    Hope your doubts are clarified. Let us know if you have any other queries.

  2. How to add or remove watch list in ticker tape mobile application.
    How to arrange and filter watch list companies in mobile application.
    Is there any options for adding sentiment for stocks in watch list.
    Pls guide…