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All listed engineering stocks in India

NameMarket Cap (Rs. in cr.)Close Price (Rs.)PE Ratio1Y Return (%)5Y Avg Return on Investment (%)
Larsen & Toubro Ltd375,242.032,691.0535.8445.559.24
GMR Infrastructure Ltd32,045.7452.85-178.7751.000.86
KEC International Ltd15,843.66646.6090.0164.5315.75
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd15,788.5525.8521.93-0.319.49
G R Infraprojects Ltd12,285.631,252.508.45-10.8417.10
Ircon International Ltd9,741.26103.6512.73155.619.07
NCC Ltd9,719.07156.8015.95138.1211.94
Praj Industries Ltd8,720.16466.5536.3619.1113.56
PNC Infratech Ltd8,623.89330.0513.1027.7814.09
NBCC (India) Ltd8,562.8948.4532.1145.9314.38
Engineers India Ltd8,444.23148.5024.39117.9014.51
KNR Constructions Ltd7,102.89242.6015.51-6.9616.55
India Infrastructure Trust6,347.8496.0011.62-2.044.11
HG Infra Engineering Ltd (Part IX)6,201.90962.4012.5862.3817.53
Power Mech Projects Ltd5,793.084,002.3527.70246.9311.22
Man Infraconstruction Ltd5,436.15151.3021.0271.2512.48
Techno Electric & Engineering Company Ltd5,003.50476.3526.7869.9414.11
Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd4,904.83766.0025.2970.0016.14
Dilip Buildcon Ltd4,353.17306.354,680.8326.1211.26
Welspun Enterprises Ltd3,925.73282.155.43151.587.24
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd3,917.7426.60-140.72110.28
Patel Engineering Ltd3,729.2152.9522.43128.608.08
ITD Cementation India Ltd3,549.91200.1028.57134.7212.22
Ramky Infrastructure Ltd3,488.74500.603.06208.5411.42
J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd2,963.54398.6010.8025.5810.26
PSP Projects Ltd2,898.37799.6021.9733.2222.83
Stylam Industries Ltd2,735.961,610.0528.5132.8413.86
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd2,566.6594.506.9118.9419.93
Axiscades Technologies Ltd2,116.62579.70-403.93333.585.52
SEPC Ltd2,002.6515.25-407.87100.130.54
Thejo Engineering Ltd1,679.401,555.5551.8071.8417.69
Jash Engineering Ltd1,547.101,432.1029.92101.7512.09
Capacite Infraprojects Ltd1,477.93211.5515.5157.2310.41
K&R Rail Engineering Ltd1,157.32598.35183.122,547.577.38
Likhitha Infrastructure Ltd1,097.91284.2018.2195.5324.99
Vascon Engineers Ltd1,082.8950.6010.89120.963.51
Ge Power India Ltd1,080.55165.25-2.4516.95-7.86
B L Kashyap and Sons Ltd1,038.5249.0046.9392.915.39
Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd884.45333.1530.22288.0618.59
Suyog Telematics Ltd632.33594.0013.6562.2319.71
Artson Engineering Ltd629.36166.50-26.79107.61
Om Infra Ltd541.7454.9542.0648.116.06
GPT Infraprojects Ltd439.9173.8514.0169.9712.04
BGR Energy Systems Ltd431.2858.35-0.89-22.255.84
Simplex Infrastructures Ltd316.5757.95-0.67-21.266.38
Innovators Facade Systems Ltd312.64181.6037.13212.833.94
Salasar Exteriors and Contour Ltd294.4628.50363.54132.27-0.91
Generic Engineering Construction and Projects Ltd252.9847.3516.5253.248.95
MBL Infrastructures Ltd248.1223.50-4.9124.015.39
RPP Infra Projects Ltd239.5162.358.2760.709.49
IL&FS Engineering and Construction Company Ltd227.6616.55-1.8456.13
Indiabulls Enterprises Ltd221.9611.1553.74
SPML Infra Ltd197.3639.35506.05-0.516.12
Atal Realtech Ltd196.61136.7594.53140.3312.12
Rachana Infrastructure Ltd186.6396.4082.22-68.37
Sadbhav Engineering Ltd182.5211.10-0.31-25.7512.19
Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd176.24568.3539.16469.7710.16
Madhav Infra Projects Ltd175.866.375.1853.139.05
Udayshivakumar Infra Ltd165.5632.2010.31
Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd159.1937.5536.6829.930.94
Anlon Technology Solutions Ltd154.67274.9534.91
Brahmaputra Infrastructure Ltd150.5450.9414.0685.576.77
RKEC Projects Ltd142.7859.9511.6538.4517.63
Maruti Infrastructure Ltd142.20115.00124.74109.093.97
Coromandel Engineering Company Ltd139.0542.09-30.707.24-4.27
A2z Infra Engineering Ltd131.687.80-1.07-36.33-3.17
Gayatri Projects Ltd130.576.95-0.14-53.67
Tarmat Ltd129.2059.8517.4420.183.76
Atlanta Ltd116.1514.00-3.58-18.13
Univastu India Ltd112.2998.4016.9116.8018.00
GTV Engineering Ltd107.16347.0526.2066.973.64
BCPL Railway Infrastructure Ltd102.4357.9812.7247.5313.02
Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd90.4812.90-9.91-7.190.04
GI Engineering Solutions Ltd86.0010.1029.76125.79-10.34
Skil Infrastructure Ltd84.994.050.0828.57
McNally Bharat Engg Co Ltd81.754.00-0.045.26
Gujarat Toolroom Ltd79.6214.0057.28821.05-16.41
Dhruv Consultancy Services Ltd76.2649.8015.794.9514.31
Punj Lloyd Ltd75.512.25-1.1032.35
A B Infrabuild Ltd74.5734.959.89133.0011.09
Modulex Construction Technologies Ltd70.0110.58-7.75-8.16-1.37
Siddhika Coatings Ltd63.25204.0016.82128.4415.37
AJR Infra and Tolling Ltd61.440.65-0.07-58.06
Consolidated Construction Consortium Ltd59.781.50-0.53-9.09
Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd58.9322.45-0.07-0.22
RBM Infracon Ltd52.9565.6023.96
Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd51.7822.90-0.54-15.03
Excel Realty N Infra Ltd49.550.35-145.74-41.67-0.58
Pattech Fitwell Tube Components Ltd49.0563.00258.14
Kcl Infra Projects Ltd47.301.8059.88-33.093.47
ANI Integrated Services Ltd47.3049.0018.1213.9510.30
Akash Infra-Projects Ltd44.1726.5531.78-43.214.71
ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd43.9319.257.42-7.67
Madhucon Projects Ltd41.475.55-0.29-4.31-1.99
CCL International Ltd40.3920.93-29.2723.854.06
Mukand Engineers Ltd38.6630.75-1.750.00
Artefact Projects Ltd37.8752.757.096.1410.51
Starlog Enterprises Ltd36.4929.780.42171.22
Shashijit Infraprojects Ltd34.2732.9077.8866.583.78
Sonu Infratech Ltd33.0942.0012.1220.00
VSF Projects Ltd30.9946.953,098.965.98-9.05
Rite Zone Chemcon India Ltd28.8571.9534.76
Anubhav Infrastructure Ltd27.6212.6069.04447.83-0.07
Sharika Enterprises Ltd26.556.15-8.07-36.475.64
Abhishek Integrations Ltd19.3432.9529.30149.157.87
Kaushalya Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd17.034.801.1131.514.02
Gayatri Highways Ltd16.840.75-0.14-16.67
Manav Infra Projects Ltd13.1919.3022.36206.35
R J Shah and Company Ltd11.31403.7519.17-2.717.61
Suvidha Infraestate Corporation Ltd10.8812.23-38.86-43.12
Setubandhan Infrastructure Ltd10.680.85106.83-58.54-9.24
Unity Infraprojects Ltd10.280.850.000.00
CMM Infraprojects Ltd9.566.10-0.33-49.178.49
S S Infrastructure Development Consultants Ltd6.834.60-1.40-71.0712.99
Technofab Engineering Ltd6.456.15-0.080.00
Vardhman Concrete Ltd6.188.60-15.0756.08
Yogi Infra Projects Ltd6.173.51-12.59-15.010.03
C & C Constructions Ltd5.982.350.81-20.34
Transwind Infrastructures Ltd5.748.1511.7117.272.49
Quantum Digital Vision (India) Ltd5.1516.06514.7760.44
Northlink Fiscal and Capital Services Ltd5.1415.0073.48-4.151.47
Abhishek Infraventures Ltd3.556.6579.73-2.95
Richa Industries Ltd2.851.24-0.06-37.69
Purohit Construction Ltd2.656.02-3.49-11.47-12.92
Jaihind Projects Ltd2.342.40-0.030.00
Rajeswari Infrastructure Ltd2.264.07-2.60-49.00
Shelter Infra Projects Ltd2.236.54-5.44-53.625.16
Anand Projects Ltd1.7919.200.440.00-31.78
Shaw Construction Pvt Ltd0.9357.85-0.374.99
Silveroak Commercials Ltd0.762.62-0.109.62

Note: The data is from 17th August 2023. To get this list of commodity chemicals companies in India on the Tickertape Stock Screener, apply the below-mentioned filter.

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Should you invest in the engineering sector?

The engineering sector is the largest of the industrial sectors in India, accounting for 27% of the total factories in the industrial sector. It represents 63% of the overall foreign collaborations. There’s robust demand in the engineering industry which is driven by investments and an increase in capacity creation in core segments like power, mining, oil, infrastructure, etc. The latter provides a higher future potential for the sector as there are various government initiatives which support the core industries. For instance, in Union Budget 2023-2024, the government has committed an outlay of Rs. 10 lakh cr. towards infrastructure capital expenditure compared to Rs. 7.5 lakh cr. assigned the previous year. 

Further, the core industries supporting the engineering sector have promising projections. Does that mean you should consider investing in engineering stocks in India? Well, to invest in any stock, a thorough analysis is required. For this purpose, Tickertape provides you with comprehensive research, analysis, and investing tools. With Tickertape Stock Screener, you can list stocks based on your preferred criteria. There are over 200 filters for you to choose from, along with pre-built screens, which make your analysis faster. Additionally, the individual asset pages can help you understand engineering share prices, forecasts, peer comparisons, and more.

Further, the Scorecard on every asset page helps you dive deeper into the stock and analyse the stock based on quantitative factors such as profitability, performance, entry and exit points, valuation, and growth and provides a sneak peek into the potential red flags in the stock. 

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