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Chennai-based investor Dolly Khanna increased his stake in two multibagger stocks in the last quarter of FY 2022. Both these have given multibagger returns in 2021 and have zoomed over 100% in the previous year.

As mentioned, both these stocks have given over 100% returns in the last year. In comparison, Sensex has surged ~23.50%, and Nifty 50 has risen ~23.75%.

Dolly Khanna portfolio

The investor has demonstrated a knack for investing in lesser-known stocks that are likely to generate alpha returns. Meaning, these stocks have generated returns exceeding those of a benchmark by a considerable margin.

Ajanta Soya

In Q4 FY 2022, Dolly Khanna raised his stake in Ajanta Soya to 1.46% from 1.11%.

Based on FY 2021 data, the stock’s PE ratio is 13.67 whereas the sector average is 45.19. Its PB ratio is 4.33 compared to the sector PB, which is 8.46. Ajanta Soya hasn’t declared dividends in the last 5 yrs.

Aries Agro

The marquee investor increased his stake in Aries Agro to 1.34% from 1.28% in Q4 FY 2022.

Based on FY 2021 data, the stock’s PE ratio is 11.01 whereas the sector average is 25.44. Its PB ratio is 0.91 compared to the sector PB, which is 3.26. Talking about dividends, Aries Agro’s dividend yield for the most recent fiscal was 0.53% compared to the sector’s 1.45%.

A prudent investor’s note

It is best to invest in stocks based on sound analysis rather than blindly opening new positions trying to replicate the activities of celebrity investors.

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