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Famed as the ‘big-whale’ among retail investors, Ashish Kacholia is known for his calculated investments in small and mid-size companies and astounding long-term gains. Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio boasts 42 stocks across hospitality, education, infra, and manufacturing sectors.

In this article, we will explore his latest portfolio, investment strategy, and how much his net worth in 2023. 

Investor profile – Ashish Kacholia

Ashish began his career in proprietary trading with Prime Securities Ltd in 1993. He rose through the ranks of their brokerage firm to become Head of Research and later went to Edelweiss Capital Ltd, where he was in charge of private equity business growth and deal orientation.

NameAshish Kacholia
SpouseSushmita Ashish Kacholia
Total net worth (Rs.)2,313.8 cr.
No. of portfolio companies42
Major holding (%)Beta Drugs Ltd (12.5%)

Ashish graduated from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies with a Bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering and a Master’s degree in Management Studies.

His entrepreneur stint began when he co-founded Hungama and was a board member. He also works as the Director of Research for Lucky Securities Pvt Ltd, but that’s not all; his investment skills are put to use as an independent Portfolio Manager for wealthy clients.

Ashish Kacholia portfolio (2023)

With a net worth of Rs. 2,313.8 cr., Ashish Kacholia’s stock portfolio consists of 42 stocks. It is not an overstatement to say that he is sure shot one of India’s most prominent investors in the equity market. And it’s not just us stating this; a look at Ashish Kacholia’s latest portfolio of 2023 says it all –

Stock nameValue (Rs. in cr)No. of shared heldJune 2023 holding (%)
Beta Drugs Ltd88.112,03,64412.50%
Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd124.28,82,6969.60%
Faze Three Ltd4912,71,3825.20%
Ador Welding Ltd74.65,95,4004.40%
Xpro India Ltd74.47,88,5504.30%
SJS Enterprises Ltd83.113,48,3744.30%
Yasho Industries Ltd81.64,75,3944.20%
Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd86.79,68,3224.20%
Agarwal Industrial Corporation Ltd49.45,87,9773.90%
Carysil Ltd69.410,00,0003.70%
Repro India Ltd35.24,60,5283.50%
ADF Foods Ltd68.96,30,8552.90%
Knowledge Marine & Engineering Works Ltd32.63,00,0002.80%
Fineotex Chemical Ltd95.831,35,5682.80%
Best Agrolife Ltd62.45,32,5262.30%
Safari Industries (India) Ltd1645,43,0002.30%
Gravita India Ltd9814,84,3992.20%
NIIT Ltd24.230,00,0002.20%
TARC Ltd48.965,44,9172.20%
Ami Organics Ltd89.8776,4742.10%
Venus Pipes & Tubes Ltd48.34,00,0002.00%
Aditya Vision Ltd54.42,39,5062.00%
Raghav Productivity Enhancers Ltd23.92,31,6832.00%
Shankara Building Products Ltd344,51,1402.00%
Sastasundar Ventures Ltd15.55,98,9021.90%
PCBL Ltd11170,84,9901.90%
Bharat Bijlee Ltd38.31,01,3501.80%
Stove Kraft Ltd26.65,76,9161.80%
Likhitha Infrastructure Ltd20.87,00,0001.80%
Ugro Capital Ltd37.414,45,9361.60%
Genesys International Corporation Ltd18.66,18,7341.60%
La Opala R G Ltd83.717,67,4331.60%
HLE Glascoat Ltd63.49,58,0101.40%
Barbeque-Nation Hospitality Ltd37.85,57,5101.40%
SG Finserve Ltd28.84,96,8211.20%
Vaibhav Global Ltd68.120,00,0001.20%
Arvind Fashions Ltd47.814,56,0541.10%
Inflame Appliances Ltd18.43,08,000Filling awaited
Megastar Foods Ltd3.71,12,968Filling awaited
DU Digital Global Ltd3.87,20,000Filling awaited
Virtuoso Optoelectronics Ltd23.712,28,070Filling awaited
Systango Technologies Ltd5.22,27,958Filling awaited

Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio analysis

In Q2 FY23, Ashish Kacholia added three new stocks to his portfolio – Venus Pipes & Tubes Ltd., Ugro Capital Ltd., and SG Finserve Ltd. The latest stock addition boosted his portfolio with Rs. 114.5 cr. 

Stock nameValue (Rs. in cr)No. of shared heldMarch 2023 holding (%)June 2023 holding (%)Holding change (%)
Venus Pipes & Tubes Ltd48.34,00,0002.00%New
Ugro Capital Ltd37.414,45,9361.60%New
SG Finserve Ltd28.84,96,8211.20%New
Agarwal Industrial Corporation Ltd49.45,87,9773.80%3.90%0.10%
Yasho Industries Ltd81.64,75,3944.00%4.20%0.20%
Knowledge Marine & Engineering Works Ltd32.63,00,0002.50%2.80%0.30%
Aditya Vision Ltd54.42,39,5061.10%2.00%0.90%

Moreover, considering the potential of portfolio stocks, like Aditya Vision Ltd, Knowledge Marine & Engineering Works Ltd., Yasho Industries Ltd., and Agarwal Industrial Corporation Ltd., he increased his holdings in the companies.

After analysing these stocks on Tickertape Stock Screener, a common pattern emerged in Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio. It appears that he has been investing in or increasing his shareholding in highly volatile small-cap stocks with a good profitability score. Is this the key to building a high net-worth investment portfolio? Or is there something else to it? Let’s delve deeper into Ashish Kacholia’s investment strategy.

Ashish Kacholia’s investment strategy

The stock selection of any portfolio tells us a lot about the investment strategy, and when it comes to the big whale himself, we need a dazzling lens because that’s where the multibagger stocks are leading the news! 

Looking at Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio, his investment technique suggests a steady addition and building of one stock while diversifying across various areas; as we can all see, he’s not afraid to add new gear. 

One can understand that Ashish believes in the growth of small and medium-sized businesses, as the majority of the stocks in his portfolio are in this sector. He conducts extensive studies on how the firm operates, its financials, and the team that runs it to forecast its future performance. If he notices that a company is drifting away from its fundamentals, he quickly sells its stock! Which can be seen in the table below, as he sold off some of the shares in the following companies in this quarter – 

Stock nameValue (Rs. in cr)No. of shared heldMarch 2023 holding (%)June 2023 holding (%)Holding change (%)
SJS Enterprises Ltd83.113,48,3744.40%4.30%-0.10%
Repro India Ltd35.24,60,5283.60%3.50%-0.10%
Likhitha Infrastructure Ltd20.87,00,0002.00%1.80%-0.20%
Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd124.28,82,69610.60%9.60%-1.00%

What is the net worth of Ashish Kacholia?

Ashish Kacholia’s net worth has fluctuated sharply during the last few years. The portfolio began in 2015 with Rs 393.14 cr., and as of today, it is  Rs. 2,313.8 cr. His net worth trend over the last eight years looks like this –

Ashish Kacholia’s Bulk and Block Deals in 2023

Bulk and block deals provide transparency and explain why stock volumes have increased or decreased. The disclosure of bulk and block sales can help evaluate which sectors are gaining traction and losing interest to buyers. It also directs individual investors’ future investment decisions.

As of Q2 FY 2023, certain bulk and block deals are noticed in Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio –

StocksDateCategoryTransaction TypeQuantityValue Traded (₹)Holdings change(%)Average Trade Price(₹)
Venus Pipes & Tubes Ltd1st April 2023Bulkbuy4,00,00030,00,00,0002.63750
D Link (India) Limited1st June 2023Bulksell3,69,8898,43,01,401.991.04227.91
D Link (India) Limited7th June 2023Bulksell1,94,6624,44,80,2670.55228.5
United Drilling Tools Ltd8th June 2023Bulksell1,58,3903,01,71,711.10.78190.49
Vasa Denticity Ltd30th June 2023Bulkbuy4,39,00013,28,37,010302.59

To keep track of his bulk and block deals, you can use Tickertape’s Stock Deals and plan your investments accordingly.


Ashish Kacholia is a seasoned investor with a track record of picking multibagger stocks. His image as the WizKid of financial markets draws the eye due to his ability to look into the future and take calculated risks. When a new trend emerges, he is the first to capitalise on it. You can also pick this trait by using Tickertape’s Stock Screener to keep up with the latest market trends and screen top stocks to add to your investment portfolio!


What is the most significant deal made by Ashish Kacholia?

Ashish Kacholia earned above 2000% return on investment in Bodal Chemicals Ltd from 2013 to 2018.

With which NGO is Ashish Kacholia associated?

Associated with Mumbai-based NGO ‘Caring Friends’ which his father, Mr. Ramesh Kacholia founded in 2002.

When did Ashish Kacholia start investing?

In 1993, Ashish Kacholia commenced his career at Prime Securities, initially working in the proprietary trading sector. Over time, he progressed within the company, eventually assuming the role of Head of Research as part of their broking business.

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