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What are shareholdings?

Apart from retail investors, a company’s shares are held by promoters, foreign & domestic institutions (large investors) and mutual funds. Promoters are the ship captains and control the company’s direction. Along with institutional and mutual fund holdings, a change in their holdings can indicate performance outlook for the stock

Promoter Holdings Trend

Low Pledged Promoter Holding
Lower pledged promoter holdings is considered better

Pledged promoter holdings is insignificant

Institutional Holdings Trend

Increased Total Retail Holding
Increasing retail holding can be considered bad as it can reflect that institutions and promoters are selling their stake which is being absorbed by retail investors.

In last 3 months, retail holding in the company has increased by 1.29%

Foreign Institutional Holding
Foreign Institutional Holding is quantum of stock held by foreign large-quantities-trading entities. Increasing value indicates growing support and comfort for the stock

In last 3 months, foreign institutional holding of the company has almost stayed constant

Tickertape Separator

Shareholding Pattern

Retail and OthersForeign InstitutionsOther Domestic InstitutionsMutual FundsTotal Promoter Holding65.16%5.39%2.05%7.61%19.79%

Jan 2022

May 2022

Jun 2022

Sep 2022

Shareholding History


Mutual Funds Holding Trend

Increased Mutual Fund Holding
Increasing Mutual Fund holdings are generally considered good, as it reflects that fund managers are becoming more bullish about the stock

In last 3 months, mutual fund holding of the company has increased by 1.78%

Top 3 Mutual Funds holding Ethos Ltd

Funds (Top 3)Market-cap heldPortfolio weight3M holding changePortfolio rank
(3M change)
ICICI Prudential Flexicap Fund - Growth - Direct Plan

5.3623%0.94%0.17%43/65 (+1)
Union Small Cap Fund - Growth - Direct Plan

0.5553%1.00%1.00%59/68 (+7)
ICICI Prudential Long Term Wealth Enhancement Fund - Growth - Direct Plan

0.0600%3.52%3.52%11/26 (+15)

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