You can track performance of all invested smallcases on Investments page. Top section of the page gives an overall summary of your smallcase account.


Current Value represents the sum of market value of all smallcases purchased by you, and not yet sold. Current Investment tells  the total amount of money currently invested in various smallcases. Profit/Loss is the difference between Current Value and Investment and show returns generated on the investment.

You can also track smallcase wise performance on the investment page.

Whenever you purchase a smallcase on the platform, we create a custom index for you to facilitate easy tracking. Your custom index starts from 100 and its current value quickly tells you the returns generated by smallcase since its purchase. If the index value is 105.43, you can easily deduce that your smallcase has generated a return of 5.43%. Current  Value is the market value of your smallcase and is indicative of the amount that you will receive if you decide to sell your smallcase. Current Investment is the amount invested in the smallcase and Profit/Loss represents returns generated on the same.

Unrealized PnL is the difference between Current Value and Investment. Realized PnL is the profit that you have already booked on the smallcase. Suppose you bought a smallcase with 10 stocks. After one month you decided to drop one stock from the smallcase and booked a loss of Rs 300. You are still holding your smallcase with 9 stocks. The booked loss of Rs 300 will be shown under Realized PnL. The Details view helps you understand your PnL better, as you can find out the stocks giving positive/negative return by comparing current prices with buy prices. Always remember, smallcase is a theme and you should avoid single stock trades and decisions.