Highest 1D/1W OI Change PE Strike

The OI percentage difference for a particular strike price between 2 subsequent trading days is first calculated. Suppose Union Bank of India has 3 different strike prices: Rs.162, Rs.165 and Rs.168.

Strike price Put option OI on
Put option OI on
1 day percentage
change in OI
Rs.162 1200 1322 10.16%
Rs.165 1892 2010 6.23%
Rs.168 798 763 - 4.39%

In the above example though Rs.165 strike price has the highest put option OI, over the previous day Rs.162 strike price has recorded the highest percentage increase in OI.

The same exercise done for 2 days separated by 5 trading days results in the highest 1W OI change put option strike. The maximum increase in percentage change is sought out and this is the strike with the highest put OI change.