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This is a special week for us. We just turned 1-yr old 🎂 

In the midst of keeping up with the massively increased user footfalls on and the Tickertape app, the continuous mad obsession for adding new features and filing your feature requests 🤓 – we inconspicuously added a milestone to our growth story: is now amongst top 500 Indian sites by traffic, according to Alexa traffic statistics

We’re currently at #414 on the Alexa list 🤗

This did not happen overnight. And it certainly didn’t happen by accident. This has taken a whole lot of planning, surveys, user-interviews, painstaking execution and days and (mostly) nights of serious sweat-inducing work. We have gone back to the drawing-table many times, returning with a good solution, only to discard it for an even better one

Almost an year back, a few of us at smallcase were huddled together racking our heads on how we can do more for our users (I’m sure most of you know that Tickertape is a sister concern of smallcase). Our screener tool was already critically acclaimed as being one of the most intuitive and user-friendly screening solutions. Many of our users wanted the same simplicity and completeness on analysing individual stocks as well. It would not be wrong to say that you, our dear beloved users, started us on this path by your kind feedback and suggestions

The feedback loop has kept us going

So we started talking to many of you, taking in your pain points and trying to come up with an alternate structure for looking at stock-fundamentals. What we unearthed was a marked absence of user-centric no-nonsense platforms focusing on analyses that the users considered the most important

The amount of love showered on us by you in the form of encouragement and feedback has been nothing short of a miracle and a blessing. We’re truly thankful for that! 🥰

As the suggestions poured in, we realised that we needed to start something new, something different, rather than keeping it as a sub-feature of the smallcase platform

The birth of a new platform, from scratch

Starting a new platform from scratch is never an easy task – ask any digital product person, and you’ll probably hear a lot of words synonyms to brand dilution 😳. But we over here, believe in a different concept – just focus on making a good product, and it will market itself. And we were in such good company to do that, taking inspirations from the brilliant smallcase platform and benefitting from all the learnings the team accumulated while building something of this caliber 👏

We had decided to create an independent atmosphere for Tickertape from the word go. Being biased with other solutions / thinking along pre-established thought-lines would’ve been a disservice to our users. And we wouldn’t tolerate any of that. So, we stressed on creating independent dedicated teams across all verticals for Tickertape. We’re still a small team, but we already have well-defined scopes with a steadfast focus on creating incremental value for our users, with each passing day

Putting an exponential in the curve

Over the last 12 months, our growth story has been a fairytale dream. We wake up every morning, look at the numbers from the last day, and our legs happily levitate us to our workstations 🤩

We measure our user-engagement through the number of users who visit the platform on a monthly basis, also called Monthly Active Users or MAU

Last week, we also crossed 1 million Monthly Active Users! In the month of April alone, we received a total of around 1 crore page hits on Tickertape!

And miles to go… before each night’s sleep

The road ahead is extremely exciting to us. We already have a laundry list of things to do and features to add, which we can’t wait to share with you. And as always, we’re all ears to what you want us to build for you!

This is a platform that has been envisioned by YOU, encouraged by YOU, inspired by YOU and loved by YOU. We are merely builders, and like always, we’ll prop it up on our backs and our shoulders – for it to become something YOU can be proud of 🤗 ❤️

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Ujjwal Ankur
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55,00,000+ users trust Tickertape for Investment Analysis!
55,00,000+ users trust Tickertape for Investment Analysis!

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