Last Updated on Sep 29, 2021 by Manonmayi

The union government has released the sixth monthly instalment of Post-tax Devolution Revenue Deficit (PDRD) grant of Rs. 9,871 cr to 17 states. The PDRD is provided to the states under Article 275 of the Constitution. These grants are released in monthly instalments in accordance with the 15th Finance Commission’s recommendation to meet the gap in the state Revenue Accounts post devolution. 

So far in the current financial year, including this instalment, a total of Rs. 59,226 cr has been released as PDRD to the states that are eligible. In the latest allotment, the top three recipient states were Kerala (Rs. 1,658 cr), West Bengal (Rs. 1,467 cr) and Andhra Pradesh (Rs. 1,438 cr).

A total PDRD grant of Rs. 1,18,452 cr has been recommended by the Commission to 17 states during 2021-2022, out of which, 50% has been released so far.