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Every employee who is registered at Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is by default enrolled on the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS). Under EPS, all members can claim for pension at 58 yrs of age after retirement. To withdraw the pension or avail pension benefits, EPF Form 10D must be filled out and submitted. In this article, read about the eligibility criteria to withdraw pension, the documents required and how to fill out EPF Form 10D. 

What is EPF Form 10D? 

EPF Form 10D is used for pension withdrawal by eligible contributors of EPFO. The eligible member must fill out the required details and submit it to the EPFO. In the case of the contributor’s death, the nominee is eligible to fill out the form and claim for pension withdrawal. 

The pension amount depends on the salary of the members and the year contributed to the scheme. Though the mandatory age for pension withdrawal is 58 yrs, called superannuation pension, members are eligible to apply for a pension after 50 yrs of age but at a discounted rate of 4% per year, called reduced pension. 

Eligibility criteria for EPF Form 10D 

The following members are eligible to file for Form 10D: 

  • EPF member of 58 yrs of age or 50 yrs of age (reduced pension)
  • Spouse of the EPF member (in the case of death of the member) 
  • Nominee of the EPF member (in the case of death of the member) 

Documents required for pension withdrawal 

Along with duly filled form 10D, certain documents need to be attached to withdraw your pension from the EPF account. 

  • Descriptive role of pensioners along with their signature or thumb impression. 
  • Three passport-sized photographs of the member. 
  • If the member has a total or permanent disability, they must undergo a medical test conducted by the EPFO’s medical board. The documents provided by the medical board should be attached to Form 10D. 
  • The salary certificates and proofs of the member at the time of retirement should be attached.  

How to fill out EPF Form 10D? 

The EPF Form 10D consists of basic fields about the PF member, family and other details as follows:  

  1. By whom the pension is claimed – Here, the applicant needs to mention who’s claiming the pension (member, widow/widower, major/orphan, guardian, dependent parent, nominee). 
  2. Type of pension claimed – The applicant needs to mention the type of pension i.e., superannuation, reduced, disablement, widow and children’s, orphan, nominee or dependent pension.  
  3. Member details – Fill in the basic details of the member like name, gender, marital status, date of birth, father/husband’s name
  4. EPF account details – Fill in the member’s account number, establishment code, RO(religion office) and office
  5. Name & address of the establishment in which the member was last employed. 
  6. Date of leaving the service (dd/mm/yyyy) – Fill in the date of your last working day at your last organisation
  7. Reason for leaving the service
  8. Address for communication
    8(a). In case of reduced pension (opted date for commencement of the pension) – Enter the date from when you want to get your pension. This is only for the reduced pension (below 58 yrs of age) applicants.   
  9. Option for commutation of 1/3 of pension – If the member wants to withdraw 30% of the corpus amount as a lump sum and receive the rest of the amount as a monthly pension
  10. Option for return of capital: Tick ‘yes’ if you want to withdraw the entire pension amount 
  11. Mention nominee for return of capital – give the details of the nominee who’ll be collecting the pension in the case of the member’s demise
  12. Particulars of the family – Enter the details of member’s family 
  13. Date of the death of a member (if applicable)
  14. Details of bank accounts opened – give the member’s bank name, branch and postal address of the bank
  15. Detail of scheme certificate already in possession of the member, if any 
  16. If the pension is being drawn under E.P.S, 1995 – give the PPO (Pension Payment Order) number and issuer’s details 
  17. Documents enclosed – give the details of the documents provided along with the form

Once all the above details are filled in, the applicant must verify it and sign it. The EPF Form 10D has Section 2, which needs to be filled and signed by the last employer. The member should submit the duly filled form at the EPFO regional office. 


1. What is the processing time for the EPF pension withdrawal claim?   

The total processing time for the EPF pension withdrawal is 30 days from the date of the withdrawal is requested.

2. Should we enrol for EPS separately during the employment days? 

No. When an employee is registered for the employees’ provident fund scheme, they are also automatically enrolled for EPS. 

3. How much should we contribute to EPS monthly? 

Only employers contribute to EPS. An employer contributes 12% of the employee’s salary towards PF. Where 8.33% goes towards EPS, and the rest 3.67% goes towards EPF. Employees do not contribute towards EPS. 

4. What is the pension amount received on EPS? 

The pension amount from EPS depends on the member’s salary and the number of years contributed towards the scheme. 

5. How to fill out EPF Form 10D online? 

EPF Form 10D cannot be filled out online. You can download the form online, fill it and submit it at the regional EPFO office.   

6. What is the EPF death claim Form 10D? 

EPF death claim Form 10D is the general EPF Form 10D, which is used for pension withdrawal. In the case of the member’s death, the spouse, family member, or nominee can fill out the form to receive the pension benefits.  

7. How to download EPF withdrawal Form 10D? 

You can download the EPF withdrawal Form 10D from the EPFO website or visit the EPFO regional office to get the physical form. 

8. How to apply for EPF Form 10D online?

You can apply for EPF Form 10D online. You can download the form online from the EPFO website and submit the duly filled form at the EPFO regional office. 
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