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A large number of stocks have entered the list of multibagger stocks in 2021 in the previous year and a half. In this participation boom on Dalal Street, a huge number of penny stocks have produced multibagger returns for their investors. Digjam is now a multibagger penny stock in India. The penny textile stock rose from Rs. 0.97 to Rs. 194 in the past 3 yrs, signifying a 19,900% growth.

History of the Digjam stock price

Based on Digjam’s performance, this multibagger penny stock rose from Rs. 66.60 to Rs. 194 each last month, up roughly 90%. This penny stock also rose northwards from Rs. 3.98 to Rs. 194 in the last year and recorded an increase of around 4,800%. Within 3 yrs, the price of this multibagger penny stock share has risen from Rs. 0.97 to Rs. 194 per share, registering ~200x during that period.

The effect on investments

If you had invested Rs. 1 lakh in this stock a month ago, it would have become Rs. 1.90 lakh today. This action 3 mth ago would have turned your Rs. 1 lakh into Rs. 11 lakh today. If you had invested Rs. 1 lakh in this penny stock a year ago and stayed in it to this day, it would be Rs. 49 lakh. Likewise, if you had invested Rs. 1 lakh in this stock 3 yrs ago and it remained invested in this multibagger penny stock to this day, your Rs. 1 lakh would have become Rs. 2 cr. today. 

Alpha returns in 3 yrs

This multibagger penny stock is also one of the alpha stocks in 2021. The alpha of a portfolio is the excess return it produces compared to a benchmark index. An alpha of one (the baseline value is zero) indicates that the return on investment surpassed the general market average by 1% over a defined time period.

It has beaten major benchmark indices by a wide margin. In the same 3 yrs, NSE Nifty generated around 57.60% return while BSE Sensex returned around 59%.

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