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Listed hotel companies on NSE

NameMarket Cap (Rs. in cr.)Close Price (Rs.)PE Ratio1Y Return (%)5Y Avg Return on Investment (%)5Y Historical Revenue Growth (%)
Indian Hotels Company Ltd53,889.99388.6053.7545.354.497.30
EIH Ltd14,799.24237.9047.0553.431.824.53
Chalet Hotels Ltd10,318.90528.6556.2960.425.117.79
Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd8,327.96107.4572.7058.713.6512.07
Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd7,450.82373.4564.7348.114.812.23
Oriental Hotels Ltd1,475.2383.6527.1924.764.102.27
EIH Associated Hotels Ltd1,453.03480.7522.4915.986.975.03
TAJ GVK Hotels and Resorts Ltd1,441.51229.9015.4541.564.867.23
HLV Ltd890.0013.55116.3436.874.73-0.58
Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd786.42286.3516.7242.116.106.96
Benares Hotels Ltd655.415167.0028.03133.2410.2514.46
Nicco Parks & Resorts Ltd623.61133.4027.6858.9010.3810.97
Sayaji Hotels Ltd621.71359.5017.8243.232.90-7.70
Mac Charles (India) Ltd571.14434.4513.42-12.9413.831.71
Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd513.64213.501.64148.8319.37
U. P. Hotels Ltd481.84936.9020.6388.362.616.44
Sinclairs Hotels Ltd443.50162.0514.2065.2710.539.61
Advani Hotels and Resorts (India) Ltd382.0084.5013.366.6913.249.53
Asian Hotels (North) Ltd278.67147.00-3.2967.52-9.27-3.37
International Travel House Ltd260.82325.959.19149.48-6.25-2.09
Asian Hotels East Ltd219.17126.958.94-17.051.70-11.46
GIR Natureview Resorts Ltd202.29113.654045.86-5.251.07
Graviss Hospitality Ltd192.3128.9032.3238.28-2.726.60
Robust Hotels Ltd190.12108.753.44
Asian Hotels (West) Ltd167.95144.15169.650.009.9410.04
CHL Ltd145.7125.2648.2565.757.02
3rd Rock Multimedia Ltd145.5064.60-11.480.00-18.22-67.91
Byke Hospitality Ltd141.7535.8561.63-14.031.67-8.31
Country Club Hospitality & Holidays Ltd129.149.4510.2137.96-2.61-16.37
Phoenix Township Ltd102.2171.50152.5576.112.557.69
Savera Industries Ltd96.1582.507.7124.725.90-2.14
Aruna Hotels Ltd65.2920.22-7.3341.6043.06
Party Cruisers Ltd64.4660.9516.87-43.7513.5620.70
Royale Manor Hotels and Industries Ltd61.4831.5516.1826.966.030.79
Gujarat Hotels Ltd58.82157.9513.8712.8210.132.32
Galaxy Cloud Kitchens Ltd51.6311.43-5.741.69-7.27
Jindal Hotels Ltd28.4642.2913.751.413.344.00
TGB Banquets and Hotels Ltd27.539.6520.24-4.46-13.45-22.34
H S India Ltd19.1511.8018.4127.716.33-2.17
Ras Resorts and Apart Hotels Ltd18.6045.92-12886008238874200.0030.082.3911.14
Reliable Ventures India Ltd11.3210.30-9.93-13.453.59-17.34
Mac Hotels Ltd10.8036.00-154.297.46-18.235.28
Viceroy Hotels Ltd9.332.20-233.2322.22-6.40
Lords Ishwar Hotels Ltd7.8810.5565.6755.15-0.121.20
Blue Coast Hotels Ltd7.525.60-1.05-18.25-69.00
Univa Foods Ltd6.374.45-22.76-16.04-255.325.92
CKP Leisure Ltd3.903.00-0.640.00-2.22

Note: The data is from 22nd August 2023. To get this list of commodity chemicals companies in India on the Tickertape Stock Screener, apply the below-mentioned filter.

  • Sector > Consumer Discretionary > Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Lines

Overview of the Indian tourism and hospitality industry

Hotel companies are a major part of the tourism and hospitality industry. India is one of the most popular travel destinations across the world, making the Indian tourism and hospitality industry one of the key drivers of growth in the service sector of India. The industry is also an important source of foreign exchange in India, similar to various other countries. Though the industry faced a dip in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the consistent efforts of the central and state governments have helped the sector to recover and operate at the pre-pandemic level. 

According to WTTC, India is ranked 10th among 185 countries in terms of travel and tourism’s total contribution to GDP in 2019. The contribution of the sector to GDP was 6.8% during the same period. Further, in 2020, the Indian tourism sector accounted for 39 mn jobs, totalling 8% of the total employment in the country. Fast forward to next year, i.e. in 2021, the travel and tourism sector contributed $178 bn to the GDP. This figure is expected to reach $512 bn by 2023. 

In such a scenario, do you think you should consider investing in hotel stocks? With the uncertainty that comes with hotel stocks, it is wise to understand the market momentum before you invest in them. 

To understand the market momentum, tracking bulk and block deals of stocks can be one of the ways. It helps you determine the sectors and stocks that are getting the attention of HNIs and institutional investors and, consequently, gaining/losing momentum. It can give you a direction for your future investment cues. To keep track of bulk and block deals, you can use Tickertape’s Stock Deals tool to analyse bulk and block deals for different periods and investors. However, making an investment decision based solely on bulk and block deals may not always be wise. Hence, conducting additional research on the stocks in question can be beneficial in making safe investment decisions. 

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