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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
Tracxn Technologies LtdTRACXN03-Feb-2023QE SECURITIESBulkSell5,03,3054.63 cr0.50 %91.99
RBM Infracon LtdRBMINFRA03-Feb-2023YUGA STOCKS AND COMMODITIES PRIVATE LIMITED .BulkBuy42,00038.08 L7.55 %90.67
SVP Global Textiles LtdSVPGLOB03-Feb-2023SHRIVALLABH PITTIE VENTURES LIMITEDBulkSell7,24,0462.25 cr0.57 %31.03
Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifescience LtdARISTO03-Feb-2023ANANT AGGARWALBulkBuy51,20037.61 L1.03 %73.45
Marshall Machines LtdMARSHALL03-Feb-2023ANIL TULSIANBulkBuy88,12226.01 L0.61 %29.52
Tracxn Technologies LtdTRACXN03-Feb-2023PARTH INFIN BROKERS PVT LTDBulkSell6,49,4926.03 cr0.65 %92.78
Tracxn Technologies LtdTRACXN03-Feb-2023PARTH INFIN BROKERS PVT LTDBulkBuy6,14,4925.62 cr0.61 %91.45
Softrak Venture Investment LtdSOFTRAKV03-Feb-2023RAKESH MANGILAL RANKABulkSell5,77,10025.28 L1.28 %4.38
SVP Housing LtdSVPHOUSING03-Feb-2023PREETI BHAUKABulkBuy1,95,00094.44 L1.74 %48.43
Rishi Laser LtdRISHILASE03-Feb-2023NIKHIL JAISINGH MERCHANTBulkSell1,30,00039.59 L1.41 %30.45
Goyal Associates LtdGOYALASS03-Feb-2023SAGAR GURUNGBulkBuy2,84,6975.61 L0.61 %1.97
Goyal Associates LtdGOYALASS03-Feb-2023NITIN BAKSHIBulkSell4,63,2509.13 L0.99 %1.97
GMR Infrastructure LtdGMRINFRA03-Feb-2023C/D INVESTORS FUND L.P.BulkSell5,50,62,200204.83 cr0.91 %37.20
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL03-Feb-2023ZENAB AIYUB YACOOBALIBulkSell2,74,15167.44 L0.86 %24.60
GMR Infrastructure LtdGMRINFRA03-Feb-2023VEDA INVESTORS FUND L.P.BlockBuy3,35,96,400124.98 cr0.56 %37.20
Vikas Ecotech LtdVIKASECO03-Feb-2023SILVERTOSS SHOPPERS PVT LTDBulkBuy55,00,0001.76 cr0.59 %3.20
Tracxn Technologies LtdTRACXN03-Feb-2023QE SECURITIESBulkBuy4,22,0343.90 cr0.42 %92.44
RM Drip & Sprinklers Systems LtdRMDRIP03-Feb-2023VINOD ARJUN MAKANIBulkSell2,70,00060.35 L4.04 %22.35
Jet Freight Logistics LtdJETFREIGHT03-Feb-2023JILESH NAVIN CHHEDABulkSell1,56,00128.86 L0.58 %18.50
Marshall Machines LtdMARSHALL03-Feb-2023JILESH NAVIN CHHEDABulkBuy2,59,04877.40 L1.78 %29.88