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Top 10 stocks for long-term investment, most undervalued stocks in India, top green energy stock in India – You may want to discover stocks based on themes like this. But do you have to put the same effort every time to filter these stocks among 5,000+ available in the market? Well, no, that doesn’t sound practical. So, what do you do? You use ‘Pre-built Screens’. What are these, how do you use them, and how does Tickertape support you? Let’s find out.

What is a Stock Screener?

One of Tickertape’s most-loved products, the Stock Screener, filters stocks based on your chosen ratios and metrics. The Screener has a collection of 130+ filters, including Stock Universe, Sector, Market Capitalisation, Profitability ratios, and Valuation ratios. Once you set the filters, what you see on the right-hand side is a list of stocks that are a result of applying your chosen filters.

How to filter stocks?

Let’s say you are looking to invest in large-cap IT stocks that aren’t heavily funded with debt and have ample current assets to meet their short-term liabilities. That’s an idea—to invest in companies that are majorly funded with equity and less debt and can repay their current liabilities using their current assets.

To arrive at such stocks, you need to filter all the listed companies based on four parameters: sector, market cap, debt to equity and current ratios. Here’s how you can do it by using Screener by Tickertape:

  • Launch Tickertape’s Screener
  • Select ‘Information Technology’ under the ‘Sector’ filter
  • Select ‘Largecap’ under the ‘Market Cap’ filter
  • Add ‘Debt to Equity Ratio’ and ‘Current Ratio’ available in the filter panel under the ‘Financial Ratios’ metric
  • Set a “Low” level for Debt to Equity Ratio and a “High” level for the Current Ratio
  • Evaluate each of the resultant IT stocks for a detailed analysis before making an investment decision

Filtering stocks using Screener by Tickertape based on your favourite metrics is that simple. But what if you are a newbie in financial markets and have no idea about the metrics that go into filtering stocks/ETFs based on an idea? And what if you are a seasoned investor looking to quickly filter stocks/ETFs based on an interesting or customised idea? Well, you can use Tickertape’s Pre-built Screens.

What are Pre-built Screens?

A Pre-built Screen is a smart solution to discover stocks and ETFs based on an idea or a specific theme. Meaning you simply launch one of the Pre-built Screens whose idea or theme is in line with your investment objective, and there, the Screener will filter and return stocks/ETFs accordingly. Thus, you save time in researching filters to add and the levels of the metrics to be set to get the resultant stocks/ETFs.

How to access Pre-built Screens?

Tickertape has several Pre-built Screens, including Money Minters, Near 52W Lows, and Wealth Emissaries. Here’s how you can access them:

  • Launch Tickertape’s Screener
  • On the top header, select the ‘All Screens’ tab
  • Choose the one that meets your investment objective and start an in-depth evaluation of each filtered stock. For instance, let us load Near 52W Lows Screen. Here’s how it looks.

Pre-built Screens for various investment strategies

When you have pre-built Screens, why put efforts into Screening stocks separately? At Tickertape, we have 18 pre-built Screens with different themes to make your life easier. Planning for your retirement? We have a Screen for you – Retire in Style. Planning a trip for next year? –  Get, Set, Fly! Screen is for you. Looking for stocks with strong price momentum? – the Jamaican Sprinters Screen is there to help you. 

Types of Pre-built Screens 

Tickertape has four types of Pre-built Screens:

  • Saved: For users who want to build custom Screens
  • Basic: Readymade Screens free for all users
  • Premium: Readymade Screens for Tickertape Pro members only
  • F&O Screens: Filters stocks based on trade information of Futures and Options

Let’s learn about each of them in brief –

Basic Screens

  1. Investing in New Me! This Screen filters stocks with low expense ratios and gold ETFs. You can use this Screen while you are planning to get a degree or a new lifestyle.
  2. Get, Set, Fly!It lists low-expense ETFs for short to medium-term investments to fund your trips.
  3. Money Minters This Screen list out companies which are good at quickly turning around cash to generate profits due to low/negative cash conversion cycles.
  4. Near 52W Low This Screen helps you filter fundamentally stocks which are near their 52-week low.
  5. Low-debt MidcapsYou get growing mid-cap companies with less to zero debt using this Screen.
  6. Cash-Rich Smallcaps This Screen list profitable small-cap companies with growing cash flow and earnings.
  7. Limited VariabilityYou can use this Screen to filter low-risk, large-cap stocks to achieve market-beating returns.
  8. Cash-Rich Largecaps It lists profitable large-cap companies with growing cash flow and earnings.
  9. Quality Drifters This Screen shows you high-growth quality companies that are exhibiting price momentum.

Premium Screens

  1. Retiring in Style This Screen displays stocks of long-term growth companies to help you plan your golden years.
  2. Fuel for Your Dreams You can list stocks with a high market cap and 1-yr returns that can help you plan for your dreams using this Screen.
  3. Wealth EmissariesThis Screen lists asset management companies, investment banks and stock exchanges which are expected to benefit from bull runs in the stock market.
  4. Jamaican Sprinters – This is a technical Screen to select stocks which are experiencing strong price momentum.
  5. Cash & Carry Candidates – This Screen lists potential stocks where profitable cash and carry arbitrage trade can be executed.

Premium Futures & Options Screens

  1. Fut: Long Build Up This Screen lists stocks which are experiencing long build-ups in future contracts. It is considered a bullish indicator.
  2. Fut: Short Build Up – This Screen sorts out stocks which are experiencing short build-up in future contracts. It is considered a bearish indicator.
  3. Opt: Long Build Up – You can sort stocks which are experiencing long build-up in option contracts using this Screen. It is considered a bullish indicator.
  4. Golden Geese This Screen lists high Return on Equity (ROE) companies with growing cash and earnings, available at a discount.

When you click on any of the Screens, you can check the applied filters that make the Screen. 

How to use Pre-Built Screens to find stocks with high ROI?

Let’s look at how you can access these Screens. For instance, let’s look for stocks that have a high Return on Investment (ROI) with growing cash and earnings, available at a discount using the pre-built Screen.

Step 1: On the Tickertape website, at the Stock Screener Page, click on ‘All Screens’ at the top.

Step 2: There are four different sections. Under the premium section, click on ‘See all’.

Step 3: Click on ‘Golden Geese’ – You can see all the filters that are used to build this Screen on the right-hand side.

Step 4: When you click on ‘Load’, a Screen appears with all the stocks with high ROI.

Easy-peasy! Right? Now, a surprise – you can create your own Screens and save them for future reference. When you filter stocks based on your preferences, you can save the Screen by clicking on the ‘Save’ button near the New Screen heading and renaming it according to your preferences.

Building your own Screen on Tickertape

Tickertape also allows you to custom-make your own Screen. For this example, let us create a Screener to filter ETFs having low cost and tracking error. These are the steps:

  • Launch Tickertape’s Screener. What you see is a ‘New Screen’
  • From the ‘Filter Panel’, select ETFs. Then choose ‘Expense Ratio’ and ‘Tracking Error’ and click on the ‘Done’ button
  • After adding these ratios, set a ‘Low’ level for both the Expense Ratio and Tracking Error. Alternatively, you can enter the figures manually
  • Click on ‘Save’ to save the Screen. Give the Screen an appropriate name and description before saving it. Let’s call this one ‘Low-cost ETFs’ and describe it as “A Screener that returns NSE-listed ETFs having a low expense ratio and tracking error”
  • For the final time, click on the ‘Save’ button to save the ‘Low-cost ETFs’ Screen. You can access it under ‘Saved Screen’ under the ‘All Screens’ tab

The way forward

That’s it, folks! This is how Tickertape’s Pre-built Screens help you discover stocks based on your chosen parameters without having to spend long hours in research. You can also link your broker account and invest directly in your shortlisted stocks. Let us know how you like this feature of Tickertape and how likely you are to recommend the same to your friends and family 🙂


What is a stock screener?

The Stock Screener filters stocks based on your chosen ratios and metrics. It has a collection of 130+ filters, including Stock Universe, Sector, Market Capitalisation, Profitability ratios, and Valuation ratios. Using these filters, you can sort the stocks based on your preferred criteria.

How to filter mid-cap companies with less or zero debt?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to filter mid-cap companies with less or zero debt.

– Login to Tickertape
– Launch ‘Stock Screener’
– Select the ‘Low-debt Midcaps’ Screen from the ‘Basic’ Screens

There you go! All growing mid-cap companies with less or zero debt are listed on the screen.

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