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Financial Statements


Balance Sheet

Cash Flow

What is an income statement?

The income statement indicates a company's financial performance measured over a reporting period. Performance is assessed by summarising how the business incurs its revenues, expenses and net profit or loss incurred over the period. It's also called the P&L statement

Income Statement
Industry refers to the sub-sector this company belongs to.

Higher than Industry Revenue Growth
A higher-than-industry revenue growth represents increased potential for the company to increase their market share

Over the last 5 years, revenue has grown at a yearly rate of -26.13%, vs industry avg of -30.06%

Increasing Market Share
Market share is the percentage of an industry's total sales going to a particular company. It gives a general idea of the size of a company v/s its competitors

Over the last 5 years, market share increased from 37.72% to 73.04%


Financial YearFY 2012FY 2013FY 2015FY 2016FY 2017FY 2018FY 2019FY 2020FY 2021FY 2022
Total Revenue440.501,295.953,286.326,157.038,846.8917,254.856,771.686,948.44945.741,946.06
Raw Materialssubtract0.
Power & Fuel Costsubtract5.076.9915.6024.9040.1347.6833.2332.1515.79
Employee Costsubtract175.55950.842,577.173,378.094,144.335,302.21771.16936.12494.33
Selling & Administrative Expensessubtract112.20130.12270.49481.85585.32740.54524.45486.64174.89
Operating & Other expensessubtract25.4154.51139.432,118.523,654.804,787.855,192.355,310.55466.932,078.74
Interest & Other Itemssubtract31.0133.6871.2192.14132.22149.0072.97101.0362.2161.58
Taxes & Other Itemssubtract26.6540.0480.8478.82155.19122.8425.47-67.95-162.35-93.02
Payout ratio0.

Company Updates

Annual Report and Investor Presentation updates mentioned here are as reported by the company to the exchange
FY 2014

Annual Report Unavailable

FY 2019

Annual report


Investor Presentation

May 27PDF
Feb 25PDF
Feb 1PDF
+4 more
FY 2020

Annual report


Investor Presentation

Jan 30PDF
Nov 7PDF
Aug 6PDF
FY 2021

Annual report


Investor Presentation

May 28PDF
Feb 5PDF
Nov 12PDF
+2 more
FY 2022

Annual Report Pending

Investor Presentation

May 24PDF
Feb 4PDF
Nov 13PDF
Aug 5PDF

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