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Financial Statements


Balance Sheet

Cash Flow

What is an income statement?

The income statement indicates a company's financial performance measured over a reporting period. Performance is assessed by summarising how the business incurs its revenues, expenses and net profit or loss incurred over the period. It's also called the P&L statement

Income Statement
Industry refers to the sub-sector this company belongs to.

Lower than Industry Revenue Growth
A higher-than-industry revenue growth represents increased potential for the company to increase their market share

Over the last 5 years, revenue has grown at a yearly rate of -13.72%, vs industry avg of 7.79%

Decreasing Market Share
Market share is the percentage of an industry's total sales going to a particular company. It gives a general idea of the size of a company v/s its competitors

Over the last 5 years, market share decreased from 0.47% to 0.15%

Lower than Industry Net Income
Net income is equal to net earnings (profit) less expenses. This number is an important measure of how profitable the company is

Over the last 5 years, net income has grown at a yearly rate of 5.39%, vs industry avg of 29%


Financial YearFY 2014FY 2015FY 2016FY 2017FY 2018FY 2019FY 2020FY 2021FY 2022TTM
Total Revenue199.62152.22163.73178.68191.56171.22122.9962.4385.43107.81
Raw Materialssubtract174.87110.25118.97138.79147.78153.7485.9437.3668.5799.84
Power & Fuel Costsubtract0.770.800.910.800.670.530.480.330.49
Employee Costsubtract15.2617.2720.7619.5816.9311.829.623.455.16
Selling & Administrative Expensessubtract8.347.236.477.644.654.564.612.913.28
Operating & Other expensessubtract10.8514.188.442.1514.54-4.9911.1914.270.48
Interest & Other Itemssubtract5.315.444.991.631.181.421.311.240.780.88
Taxes & Other Itemssubtract-0.11-0.32-
Payout ratio0.

Company Updates

Annual Report and Investor Presentation updates mentioned here are as reported by the company to the exchange