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Atam Valves Ltd

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SmallcapWith a market cap of ₹181 cr, stock is ranked 1,857
High RiskStock is 7.90x as volatile as Nifty
158.000.66% (-1.05)
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Auto Ancillaries
SmallcapWith a market cap of ₹181 cr, stock is ranked 1,857
High RiskStock is 7.90x as volatile as Nifty

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Company Profile

Atam Valves Limited is an India-based valves manufacturing company. The Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing bronze, cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, forged steel as well as gunmetal industrial valves. The Company’s product consists of a range of bushings, valves and boiler mountings. The Company also undertakes to design and manufacture of valves as per the customer’s design & specifications. The Company's products range includes valves & boiler mountings: brass, bronze, cast iron, cast steel, forged steel & stainless steel investment casting valves and boiler mountings viz. gate valves, globe valves, check valves, pressure-reducing valves, steam traps, gauge glass cocks, strainers, safety valves (single post/double post), ball valves, steam stop valves, parallel slide blowdown valves, fusible plugs, combined feed check valves, injectors, sight glass and moisture separators.

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Decreased Total Promoter Holding
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In last 6 months, promoter holding in the company has decreased by 4.47%

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Pledged promoter holdings is insignificant

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In last 3 months, mutual fund holding of the company has almost stayed constant

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Cash Dividend 
Ex. DateSep 23, 2022

Final • Div/Share: ₹ 2

Cash Dividend 
Ex. DateSep 22, 2021

Final • Div/Share: ₹ 1

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