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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd21-Mar-2022DREAM DUO LLPBulkSell9,62,5683.42 cr0.49 %35.50
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd21-Mar-2022SUSHMA JAINBulkBuy9,58,5003.40 cr0.48 %35.50
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd17-Mar-2022DREAM DUO LLPBulkSell9,69,6013.50 cr0.49 %36.10
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd17-Mar-2022SUSHMA JAINBulkBuy9,70,0003.50 cr0.49 %36.10
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd16-Mar-2022SUSHMA JAINBulkBuy9,65,0003.44 cr0.49 %35.65
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd16-Mar-2022DREAM DUO LLPBulkSell9,61,0003.43 cr0.49 %35.65
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd24-Feb-2022VAAYU INFRASTRUCTURE LLPBulkSell6,17,4036.41 cr0.94 %103.85
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd18-Feb-2022FUMISTIC GAMING LLPBulkBuy12,90,43314.64 cr1.96 %113.47
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd02-Feb-2022VINEETA CHIRIPALBulkBuy3,71,1004.83 cr0.56 %130.23
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd02-Feb-2022Nandan Corporation LLPInsider - Promoter GroupSell3,71,1001 0.56 %0.00
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd02-Feb-2022NANDAN CORPORATION LLPBulkSell3,71,1004.83 cr0.56 %130.23
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd02-Feb-2022Vineeta ChiripalInsider - Immediate RelativeBuy3,71,1001 0.56 %0.00
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd01-Feb-2022FUMISTIC GAMING LLPBulkBuy7,50,0009.71 cr1.14 %129.51
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd01-Feb-2022MUKESHKUMAR AGARWALBulkSell3,93,9665.10 cr0.60 %129.37
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd01-Feb-2022FUMISTIC GAMING LLPBulkBuy5,25,0006.82 cr0.80 %129.96
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd01-Feb-2022DEEPIKA AGRAWALBulkSell4,02,1645.23 cr0.61 %130.00
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd13-Sep-2021CNM FINVEST PRIVATE LIMITED .BulkSell7,33,6558.73 cr1.11 %118.96
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd13-Sep-2021CNM FINVEST PRIVATE LIMITED .BulkBuy3,57,2424.27 cr0.54 %119.46
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd13-Sep-2021ALPHA LEON ENTERPRISES LLPBulkBuy3,44,0073.97 cr0.52 %115.27
VISHALVishal Fabrics Ltd13-Sep-2021ALPHA LEON ENTERPRISES LLPBulkSell2,44,0612.81 cr0.37 %115.15