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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART29-Nov-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell2,50,0003.34 cr0.08 %133.66
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART23-Nov-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell3,50,0004.47 cr0.11 %127.59
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART15-Nov-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell4,00,0005.45 cr0.13 %136.21
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART21-Sep-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell75,00099.41 L0.02 %132.54
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART16-Sep-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell75,00099.71 L0.02 %132.94
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART08-Sep-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell2,00,0002.77 cr0.07 %138.65
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART02-Sep-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell2,00,0002.77 cr0.07 %138.27
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART30-Aug-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell1,50,0002.03 cr0.05 %135.10
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART22-Aug-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell1,50,0002.03 cr0.05 %135.60
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART10-Aug-2022Stuti Raghav AgarwallaInsider - PromoterBuy10,00014.61 L~ 0.00 %146.12
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART10-Aug-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell4,00,0005.68 cr0.13 %141.95
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART10-Aug-2022UMIL SHARE & STOCK BROKING SERVICES LTDInsider - PromoterBuy1,95,0002.86 cr0.06 %146.90
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART10-Aug-2022Amisha JhawarInsider - PromoterBuy10,00014.61 L~ 0.00 %146.07
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART21-Jun-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell1,50,0001.61 cr0.05 %107.10
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART15-Jun-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell63,00067.67 L0.02 %107.42
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART09-Jun-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell1,37,0001.63 cr0.04 %118.88
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART30-May-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell1,17,0001.39 cr0.04 %118.88
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART24-May-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell33,00041.01 L0.01 %124.26
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART18-May-2022Stuti Raghav AgarwallaInsider - PromoterBuy12,00015.59 L~ 0.00 %129.93
Usha Martin LtdUSHAMART17-May-2022Peterhouse Investments Ltd.Insider - PromoterSell1,00,0001.26 cr0.03 %126.15