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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT31-Aug-2023V S Ranganathan Alias Valath Sreenivasan RanganathanInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy17,14,6011.80 cr6.75 %10.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT30-Aug-2023Kanakavally Prathapan KarumanthraInsider - PromoterBuy7,14,60175.03 L2.81 %10.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT30-Aug-2023Bindu K CInsider - PromoterBuy5,99,26362.92 L2.36 %10.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT28-Aug-2023Bindu K CInsider - PromoterBuy21,15,3382.22 cr8.33 %10.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT11-Apr-2023V S RanganathanInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy6,13,85885.88 L2.42 %13.99
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT15-Sep-2022MULTIPLIER SHARE & STOCK ADVISORS PRIVATE LIMITEDBulkSell1,68,92429.44 L0.66 %17.43
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT15-Sep-2022MULTIPLIER SHARE & STOCK ADVISORS PRIVATE LIMITEDBulkBuy65,00410.99 L0.26 %16.91
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT27-May-2022V S RanganathanInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy15,7081.92 L0.06 %12.24
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT25-May-2022Bindu K CInsider - PromoterBuy10,78,0001.02 cr4.24 %9.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT25-May-2022Sujith VenugopalanInsider - PromoterBuy5,51052,345 0.02 %9.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT25-May-2022Kanakavally Prathapan KarumanthraInsider - PromoterBuy30,39,5002.89 cr11.96 %9.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT25-May-2022Mridula MukundanInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy39,5003.75 L0.16 %9.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT25-May-2022Vasanthy RanganathanInsider - PromoterBuy9,24,06587.79 L3.64 %9.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT25-May-2022V S RanganathanInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy12,64,0001.20 cr4.98 %9.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT24-May-2022VALATH SREENIVASAN RANGANATHANBulkBuy6,00,00074.64 L2.36 %12.44
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT24-May-2022GALARY TRADING PRIVATE LIMITEDBulkSell3,22,00040.70 L1.27 %12.64
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT24-May-2022BINJAL MEHTAInsider - Promoter & DirectorSell92,3908.78 L0.36 %9.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT24-May-2022JITENDRA KUMAR MEHTAInsider - PromoterSell52,0004.94 L0.20 %9.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT24-May-2022MEGHNATH WEALTH CREATORS LLPInsider - PromoterSell13,80,4001.31 cr5.43 %9.50
TTI Enterprise LtdTTIENT24-May-2022V S RanganathanInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy8,63,9081.09 cr3.40 %12.61