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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD02-Aug-2022CHANNABASAVA .BulkSell1,36798,424 0.20 %72.00
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD02-Aug-2022TOUCHLINE SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITEDBulkBuy1,00072,000 0.14 %72.00
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD18-Apr-2022ANKUR DHAKABulkBuy74169,261 0.11 %93.47
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD24-Mar-2022DEEPAK KUMARBulkBuy1,0001.04 L0.14 %104.10
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD24-Mar-2022NARSING LAXMAN GURAVBulkSell1,0991.14 L0.16 %103.75
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD21-Jan-2022SUMITHAVELAYUDHANKARICHILAMUTTATHBulkSell7771.02 L0.11 %131.70
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD16-Nov-2021B M TRADERSBulkSell90063,900 0.13 %71.00
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD20-Oct-2021RAVINDRA JAITLYBulkSell80074,888 0.11 %93.61
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD04-Oct-2021RICH AND RELISH ICE CREAM P LTD P LTDBulkSell3,1493.46 L0.45 %110.00
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD04-Oct-2021B M TRADERSBulkBuy2,5002.75 L0.36 %110.00
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD14-Jul-2021DEEPAKDINESHSINGHBulkSell7761.02 L0.11 %132.00
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD14-Jul-2021DEEPAKDINESHSINGHBulkBuy7801.27 L0.11 %163.25
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD16-Apr-2021ABHAY PATHAKBulkSell8931.35 L0.13 %151.20
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD12-Mar-2021MUDAGANDURPUTTASWAMYKESHAVABulkSell8701.65 L0.12 %189.22
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD10-Mar-2021VIJAYA GONDI SARADHIBulkBuy7451.40 L0.11 %187.60
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD16-Feb-2021ABHAY PATHAKBulkBuy8721.95 L0.12 %223.45
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD12-Jan-2021BHARATULA NIRMALA KUMARIBulkBuy9115,915 0.01 %174.90
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD12-Jan-2021BHARATULA NIRMALA KUMARIBulkSell1,4002.38 L0.20 %170.04
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD12-Jan-2021T ASHOK KUMARBulkBuy1,0001.68 L0.14 %168.10
Transglobe Foods LtdTRANSFD12-Jan-2021MUDAGANDURPUTTASWAMYKESHAVABulkBuy8001.34 L0.11 %168.10