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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS04-Jul-2023ELEVATION CAPITAL VI FII HOLDINGS LIMITEDBulkSell12,96,36653.15 cr2.10 %410.01
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS30-Jun-2021LALIT RAGHUVANSHIInsider - EmployeeSell5,40031.43 L0.01 %581.94
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS30-Jun-2021AARTI AHUJAInsider - EmployeeSell2,00012.04 L~ 0.00 %602.00
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS30-Jun-2021PALLAVI VATSAInsider - EmployeeSell1,75010.55 L~ 0.00 %602.57
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS30-Jun-2021DHARMENDER KUMARInsider - EmployeeSell3,45420.75 L0.01 %600.71
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS28-Jun-2021AARTI AHUJAInsider - EmployeeSell3,20018.74 L0.01 %585.71
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS28-Jun-2021ANIL CHAUHANInsider - EmployeeSell17,5331.03 cr0.03 %587.18
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS25-Jun-2021ANIL CHAUHANInsider - EmployeeSell3,28219.00 L0.01 %578.82
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS25-Jun-2021LALIT RAGHUVANSHIInsider - EmployeeSell2,30013.29 L~ 0.00 %577.94
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS24-Jun-2021LALIT RAGHUVANSHIInsider - EmployeeSell4,23024.06 L0.01 %568.89
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS31-Mar-2021ANIL CHAUHANInsider - EmployeeSell6030,666 ~ 0.00 %511.10
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS31-Mar-2021NIKUNJ GOYALInsider - EmployeeSell3,12516.15 L0.01 %516.78
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS31-Mar-2021RAVI KANTInsider - EmployeeSell2,00010.47 L~ 0.00 %523.32
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS26-Mar-2021ANIL CHAUHANInsider - EmployeeSell1,0775.49 L~ 0.00 %509.84
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS22-Mar-2021LALIT RAGHUVANSHIInsider - EmployeeSell3001.57 L~ 0.00 %524.75
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS18-Mar-2021PALLAVI VATSAInsider - EmployeeSell2,98714.91 L~ 0.00 %499.24
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS18-Mar-2021LALIT RAGHUVANSHIInsider - EmployeeSell1,4007.55 L~ 0.00 %539.57
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS18-Mar-2021AMIT CHANDInsider - KMPSell10,00055.00 L0.02 %550.00
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS18-Mar-2021DHARMENDER KUMARInsider - EmployeeSell5,00027.47 L0.01 %549.43
TCNS Clothing Co LtdTCNSBRANDS18-Mar-2021PIYUSH ASIJAInsider - KMPSell2,50012.51 L~ 0.00 %500.59