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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN17-Feb-2023SANJAY B SHAH (HUF)BulkBuy50,0009.56 L0.61 %19.12
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN17-Feb-2023BABULAL BADRIPRASAD AGRAWALBulkSell50,0009.56 L0.61 %19.12
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN12-Jan-2023VIVEK VISHNU BAITBulkBuy41,3856.94 L0.50 %16.78
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN05-Jan-2023SONIKA KIRAN WALKEBulkBuy47,6328.99 L0.58 %18.88
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN08-Dec-2022BABULAL BADRIPRASAD AGRAWALBulkBuy50,00012.37 L0.61 %24.74
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN08-Dec-2022VISHAL TILOKCHAND KOTHARIBulkBuy43,86510.56 L0.53 %24.07
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN08-Dec-2022PRATIBHA HEMANT CHAVANBulkBuy44,71511.00 L0.55 %24.60
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN08-Dec-2022VISHAL TILOKCHAND KOTHARIBulkSell42,86510.60 L0.52 %24.72
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN11-Nov-2022VINUBHAI NANJIBHAI VEKARIABulkSell1,05,00027.99 L1.28 %26.66
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN20-Oct-2022SANDEEP PRABHAKAR SOMAVANSHIBulkBuy41,3007.15 L0.50 %17.31
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN18-Oct-2022SANDEEP PRABHAKAR SOMAVANSHIBulkSell1,26,64923.91 L1.54 %18.88
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN18-Oct-2022SUBHASH SHIVAJI PAWARBulkBuy50,0009.72 L0.61 %19.43
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN12-Oct-2022DEVANG MAHENDRAKUMAR MEHTABulkSell60,56911.04 L0.74 %18.23
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN12-Oct-2022TARANG HIMMATLAL GORAWALABulkSell46,0108.44 L0.56 %18.35
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN12-Oct-2022DEVANG MAHENDRAKUMAR MEHTABulkBuy60,56911.55 L0.74 %19.07
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN12-Oct-2022TARANG HIMMATLAL GORAWALABulkBuy46,0108.39 L0.56 %18.24
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN12-Oct-2022NARSHI HAMIRBHAI DANGODRABulkSell60,56511.55 L0.74 %19.07
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN12-Oct-2022NARSHI HAMIRBHAI DANGODRABulkBuy60,56511.11 L0.74 %18.34
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN10-Oct-2022RAJEEV M KANOTRA HUFBulkSell88,09816.99 L1.07 %19.29
Sellwin Traders LtdSELLWIN10-Oct-2022SANDEEP PRABHAKAR SOMAVANSHIBulkBuy1,65,00031.81 L2.01 %19.28