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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
Repro India LtdREPRO23-May-2022SAUMIK KETAN DOSHIBulkSell70,3462.74 cr0.58 %390.00
Repro India LtdREPRO23-May-2022AUTHUM INVESTMENT & INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITEDBulkBuy70,0002.73 cr0.58 %390.00
Repro India LtdREPRO10-Aug-2021PIVOTAL BUSINESS MANAGERS LLPBulkBuy89,6154.29 cr0.74 %479.25
Repro India LtdREPRO04-Dec-2020Kunal VohraInsider - Promoter GroupBuy3,00010.64 L0.02 %354.80
Repro India LtdREPRO03-Dec-2020Aanchal SachdevInsider - Promoter GroupBuy5001.74 L~ 0.00 %347.18
Repro India LtdREPRO01-Dec-2020Kunal VohraInsider - Promoter GroupBuy2,0007.01 L0.02 %350.49
Repro India LtdREPRO01-Dec-2020Renu Sanjeev VohraInsider - Promoter GroupBuy1,0003.53 L0.01 %353.28
Repro India LtdREPRO24-Nov-2020Renu Sanjeev VohraInsider - Promoter GroupBuy8493.03 L0.01 %357.34
Repro India LtdREPRO18-Nov-2020Kunal VohraInsider - Promoter GroupBuy5,37919.90 L0.04 %369.91
Repro India LtdREPRO13-Nov-2020Kunal VohraInsider - Promoter GroupBuy2,7259.87 L0.02 %362.37
Repro India LtdREPRO11-Nov-2020Kunal VohraInsider - Promoter GroupBuy6,89624.49 L0.06 %355.10
Repro India LtdREPRO28-Jun-2019Mr. Sanjeev VohraInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy2,00011.11 L0.02 %555.57
Repro India LtdREPRO25-Jun-2019Mr. Sanjeev Vohra RevisedInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy1,91610.40 L0.02 %542.79
Repro India LtdREPRO25-Jun-2019Mr. Sanjeev VohraInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy2,18911.02 L0.02 %503.41
Repro India LtdREPRO24-Jun-2019Mr. Sanjeev VohraInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy1,0845.71 L0.01 %526.46
Repro India LtdREPRO11-Jun-2019WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY-CHANAKYA CAPITAL PARTNERSBulkSell71,9593.63 cr0.63 %504.28
Repro India LtdREPRO31-May-2019WASHINGTON UNIVERSITYBulkBuy50,6502.99 cr0.44 %590.00
Repro India LtdREPRO31-May-2019WASHINGTON UNIVERSITYBulkSell61,6103.63 cr0.54 %590.00
Repro India LtdREPRO30-Apr-2019WASHINGTON UNIVERSITYBulkSell86,5005.19 cr0.75 %600.00
Repro India LtdREPRO30-Apr-2019WASHINGTON UNIVERSITYBulkBuy57,5003.45 cr0.50 %600.00