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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR28-Mar-2023RISHI SIKRI .BulkBuy18,7909.07 L0.58 %48.27
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR15-Mar-2023ANURADHA KHANBulkBuy30,28415.34 L0.93 %50.67
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR09-Mar-2023NAGESHWARRAO SRIKRISHNA DUVVURIBulkBuy26,24110.72 L0.81 %40.87
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR09-Mar-2023KRISHNA BANGADBulkSell10,0004.10 L0.31 %40.95
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR09-Mar-2023KRISHNA BANGADBulkBuy24,4969.98 L0.76 %40.76
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR09-Mar-2023JHUMPA SHILBulkSell20,0008.16 L0.62 %40.80
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR08-Mar-2023RAHUL RAKESH MEHRABulkBuy17,5506.93 L0.54 %39.46
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR02-Mar-2023SANJIB BISWASBulkSell43,37516.72 L1.34 %38.54
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR02-Mar-2023SABITRI DUTTA ROY MAJUMDARBulkSell39,82115.32 L1.23 %38.46
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR02-Mar-2023ISRAR ALI KHANBulkBuy50,00019.13 L1.54 %38.25
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR01-Mar-2023BABLA DUTTA ROYBulkSell25,91010.40 L0.80 %40.12
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR28-Feb-2023NEETU SHRESTHABulkSell49,10819.92 L1.52 %40.57
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR28-Feb-2023NAGESHWARRAO SRIKRISHNA DUVVURIBulkBuy73,56929.59 L2.27 %40.22
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR27-Feb-2023SAMIR SHARMABulkSell23,7168.70 L0.73 %36.68
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR27-Feb-2023NAGESHWARRAO SRIKRISHNA DUVVURIBulkBuy1,04,68938.78 L3.23 %37.04
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR27-Feb-2023SANJIB BISWASBulkSell62,93223.45 L1.94 %37.26
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR27-Feb-2023MADHUSUDAN RAO POLINENIBulkBuy16,8256.16 L0.52 %36.61
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR27-Feb-2023PUJA AGARWALBulkSell21,4197.86 L0.66 %36.71
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR24-Feb-2023SAMIR SHARMABulkSell38,17513.61 L1.18 %35.65
Le Lavoir LtdLELAVOIR24-Feb-2023NAGESHWARRAO SRIKRISHNA DUVVURIBulkBuy62,92822.64 L1.94 %35.98