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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd28-Feb-2022Prahaladbhai S. PatelInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy5,00023.75 L0.01 %475.08
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd24-Feb-2022Prahaladbhai S. PatelInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy10,00048.16 L0.03 %481.57
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd24-Feb-2022Prahaladbhai S. Patel RevisedInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy10,00048.16 L0.03 %481.57
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd31-Jan-2022Mahesh Laljibhai PatelInsider - Designated PersonSell6,00036.41 L0.02 %606.90
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd31-Jan-2022Anita Maheshbhai PatelInsider - Designated PersonSell4,00024.14 L0.01 %603.59
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd28-Jan-2022XTX MARKETS LLPBulkSell1,82,97911.03 cr0.51 %602.54
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd28-Jan-2022XTX MARKETS LLPBulkBuy1,81,89210.94 cr0.51 %601.42
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd27-Jan-2022XTX MARKETS LLPBulkBuy1,85,67610.34 cr0.52 %556.76
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd27-Jan-2022XTX MARKETS LLPBulkSell1,81,24010.09 cr0.50 %556.68
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd08-Dec-2021Prahaladbhai S. PatelInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy25,0001.25 cr0.07 %499.76
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd06-Dec-2021Prahaladbhai S. PatelInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy25,0001.19 cr0.07 %476.98
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd03-Dec-2021Prahaladbhai S. PatelInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy50,0002.43 cr0.14 %486.83
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd27-Sep-2021MANSI SHARES & STOCK ADVISORS PVT LTDBulkSell2,89,88613.10 cr0.81 %451.82
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd27-Sep-2021PATEL SHILPABEN PBulkSell15,50,00065.58 cr4.31 %423.07
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd27-Sep-2021SANJAY DUTTBulkSell1,78,2678.39 cr0.50 %470.63
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd27-Sep-2021BELLWETHER CAPITAL PRIVATE LIMITEDBulkSell3,34,85516.43 cr0.93 %490.53
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd27-Sep-2021GRAVITON RESEARCH CAPITAL LLPBulkBuy3,07,83114.74 cr0.86 %478.97
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd27-Sep-2021GRAVITON RESEARCH CAPITAL LLPBulkSell3,07,83114.74 cr0.86 %478.93
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd27-Sep-2021XTX MARKETS LLPBulkSell2,46,36511.85 cr0.68 %481.17
PSPPROJECTPSP Projects Ltd27-Sep-2021XTX MARKETS LLPBulkBuy2,43,06211.69 cr0.68 %481.06