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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd31-Dec-2021Narayanbhai G. PatelInsider - PromoterBuy1,5002.98 L0.03 %198.63
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd21-Dec-2021Narayanbhai G. PatelInsider - PromoterBuy2,2604.15 L0.04 %183.55
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd20-Dec-2021Narayanbhai G. PatelInsider - PromoterBuy5,0839.32 L0.10 %183.42
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd15-Dec-2021Narayanbhai G. PatelInsider - PromoterBuy5,0009.46 L0.10 %189.30
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd14-Dec-2021Narayanbhai G. PatelInsider - PromoterBuy9,72118.33 L0.19 %188.57
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd08-Dec-2021Narayanbhai G. PatelInsider - PromoterBuy2,0873.83 L0.04 %183.50
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd03-Dec-2021Narayanbhai G. PatelInsider - PromoterBuy1,8613.38 L0.04 %181.70
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd26-Nov-2021Narayanbhai G. PatelInsider - PromoterBuy3,4346.19 L0.07 %180.36
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd25-Nov-2021Narayanbhai G. PatelInsider - PromoterBuy4,4027.82 L0.09 %177.58
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd24-Nov-2021Narayanbhai G. PatelInsider - PromoterBuy17,16430.45 L0.34 %177.41
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd06-Oct-2021ROHA ASSET MANAGERS LLPBulkBuy50,0001.10 cr0.99 %219.86
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd27-Jul-2020MANGLA SHANTIALAL GADABulkBuy30,18339.83 L0.60 %131.96
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd24-Jul-2020BHAVITA NIRAV GADABulkSell28237,229 0.01 %132.02
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd24-Jul-2020BHAVITA NIRAV GADABulkBuy34,88245.90 L0.69 %131.59
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd18-Sep-2019RAJASTHAN GLOBAL SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITEDBulkBuy27,32528.14 L0.54 %103.00
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd18-Sep-2019SHARAD KANAYALAL SHAHBulkSell61,00062.58 L1.20 %102.59
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd27-May-2019THERM FLOW ENGINEERS PVT. LTD.Insider - Promoter GroupSell2,0001.99 L0.04 %99.32
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd18-Oct-2017SNEHAL BHUPENDRA SHAHBulkSell40,53370.52 L0.80 %173.99
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd27-Oct-2016Zinnia Narendra PatelInsider - Promoters Immediate RelativeSell6501.17 L0.01 %179.99
PATELSAIPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd26-Oct-2016Zinnia Narendra PatelInsider - Promoters Immediate RelativeSell3,0255.48 L0.06 %181.03