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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd21-Jan-2022RAJESHKUMAR RAMESHCHANDRA GUPTABulkBuy18,3272.78 L0.16 %15.16
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd21-Jan-2022RAJESHKUMAR RAMESHCHANDRA GUPTABulkSell1,57,58823.70 L1.39 %15.04
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd21-Jan-2022RIPALBEN DHARMIKKUMAR PARIKHBulkBuy1,34,58220.39 L1.18 %15.15
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd21-Jan-2022RIPALBEN DHARMIKKUMAR PARIKHBulkSell34,6775.23 L0.30 %15.09
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd13-Jan-2022RAJESHKUMAR RAMESHCHANDRA GUPTABulkSell91,46314.43 L0.80 %15.78
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd12-Jan-2022RAJESHKUMAR RAMESHCHANDRA GUPTABulkBuy1,87,66729.75 L1.65 %15.85
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd12-Jan-2022RAJESHKUMAR RAMESHCHANDRA GUPTABulkSell73,40311.96 L0.65 %16.29
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd07-Jan-2022RAJESHKUMAR RAMESHCHANDRA GUPTABulkBuy34,3155.17 L0.30 %15.06
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd07-Jan-2022REKHA KANDABulkBuy75,00011.27 L0.66 %15.03
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd07-Jan-2022RAJESHKUMAR RAMESHCHANDRA GUPTABulkSell81,28112.22 L0.71 %15.04
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd06-Jan-2022RAJESHKUMAR RAMESHCHANDRA GUPTABulkBuy1,43,48819.97 L1.26 %13.92
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd30-Dec-2021NAVEEN GUPTABulkBuy60,0217.93 L0.53 %13.22
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd30-Dec-2021RIPALBEN DHARMIKKUMAR PARIKHBulkSell93,65212.55 L0.82 %13.40
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd30-Dec-2021RIPALBEN DHARMIKKUMAR PARIKHBulkBuy93,65213.75 L0.82 %14.68
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd30-Dec-2021RAJESHKUMAR RAMESHCHANDRA GUPTABulkSell99,97913.54 L0.88 %13.54
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd30-Dec-2021RAJESHKUMAR RAMESHCHANDRA GUPTABulkBuy16,8192.38 L0.15 %14.16
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd30-Dec-2021NAVEEN GUPTABulkSell45,5406.07 L0.40 %13.33
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd24-Dec-2021RAJESHKUMAR RAMESHCHANDRA GUPTABulkBuy48,0846.58 L0.42 %13.68
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd24-Dec-2021AMIT KUMAR JAIN HUFBulkSell30,0004.14 L0.26 %13.80
NATURALNatural Biocon (India) Ltd24-Dec-2021AMIT KUMAR JAIN HUFBulkBuy60,0008.28 L0.53 %13.80