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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON11-Sep-2023HDFC MUTUAL FUNDBulkBuy15,50,00042.40 cr0.55 %273.52
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON06-Sep-2022Mereddy Rajesh ReddyInsider - Promoter GroupSell1,0002.54 L~ 0.00 %254.10
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON06-Sep-2022Mereddy Rajesh ReddyInsider - Promoter GroupSell11,00,00027.94 cr0.39 %254.00
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON06-Sep-2022Mereddy Rajesh ReddyInsider - Promoter GroupSell3,39,0008.64 cr0.12 %255.00
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON05-Sep-2022Mereddy Rajesh ReddyInsider - Promoter GroupSell50,0001.28 cr0.02 %256.42
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON02-Sep-2022Mereddy Rajesh ReddyInsider - Promoter GroupSell10,00025.81 L~ 0.00 %258.10
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON23-Jun-2022Kamidi Narsimha ReddyInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy2,00,0004.41 cr0.07 %220.50
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON22-Jun-2022Kamidi Narsimha ReddyInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy2,20,0004.92 cr0.08 %223.74
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON17-Mar-2022THE VANGUARD GROUP INC A/C VANGUARD EMERG. MKTS STOCK INDEXFD A SERIES OF V I E I FBulkBuy22,85,70664.92 cr0.81 %284.02
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON29-Dec-2021Kamidi Narsimha ReddyInsider - Promoter & DirectorSell2,0005.88 L~ 0.00 %294.00
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON28-Dec-2021Kamidi Narsimha ReddyInsider - Promoter & DirectorSell8,00023.24 L~ 0.00 %290.56
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON20-Dec-2021KAMIDI NARSIMHA REDDYInsider - Promoter & DirectorBuy10,00027.60 L~ 0.00 %276.00
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON02-Sep-2021KAMIDI NARSIMHA REDDYInsider - Promoter & DirectorSell24,87,19082.08 cr0.88 %330.01
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON16-Aug-2021KAMIDI JALANDHAR REDDYInsider - Promoter & DirectorSell5,00,00014.34 cr0.18 %286.75
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON16-Aug-2021KAMIDI YASHODAInsider - Promoter & DirectorSell20,00,00057.35 cr0.71 %286.76
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON16-Aug-2021KAMIDI YASHODABulkSell20,00,00057.35 cr0.71 %286.76
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON18-Jun-2021MEREDDY RAJESH REDDYInsider - PromoterSell20,00,00044.60 cr0.71 %223.00
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON18-Jun-2021KAMIDI JALANDHAR REDDYInsider - Promoter & DirectorSell10,00,00022.30 cr0.36 %223.00
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON18-Jun-2021KAMIDI YASHODAInsider - Promoter & DirectorSell20,00,00044.61 cr0.71 %223.04
KNR Constructions LtdKNRCON18-Jun-2021MEREDDY RAJESH REDDYBulkSell20,00,00044.60 cr0.71 %223.00