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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
Huhtamaki India LtdHUHTAMAKI27-Jul-2022SEETHA KUMARIBulkBuy5,08,32110.13 cr0.67 %199.21
Huhtamaki India LtdHUHTAMAKI31-Mar-2021Huhtavefa BVInsider - PromoterBuy6,00,00018.78 cr0.79 %313.00
Huhtamaki India LtdHUHTAMAKI31-Mar-2021Amar ChhajedInsider - Designated PersonSell2,00,0006.26 cr0.26 %313.00
Huhtamaki India LtdHUHTAMAKI18-Apr-2018Huhtavefa B VInsider - PromoterBuy5,50,00019.45 cr0.73 %353.55
Huhtamaki India LtdHUHTAMAKI18-Apr-2018Amar ChhajedInsider - EmployeeSell5,50,00019.45 cr0.73 %353.55
Huhtamaki India LtdHUHTAMAKI17-Aug-2017HDFC MUTUAL FUNDBulkSell37,80,72586.96 cr5.20 %230.00
Huhtamaki India LtdHUHTAMAKI17-Aug-2017NTASIAN DISCOVERY MASTER FUNDBulkBuy34,54,30079.45 cr4.75 %230.00