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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM22-Aug-2022AMIT VIJAY CHOKSHIBulkBuy69,66558.25 L0.55 %83.62
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM15-Jul-2022EARC TRUST SC 30BulkSell2,55,0901.80 cr2.00 %70.70
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM07-Jul-2022EARC TRUST SC 30BulkSell82,06265.73 L0.64 %80.10
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM06-Jul-2022EARC TRUST SC 30BulkSell1,00,00082.64 L0.78 %82.64
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM30-Jun-2022EARC TRUST SC 30BulkSell96,09290.89 L0.75 %94.59
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM28-Jun-2022EARC TRUST SC 30BulkSell90,60183.96 L0.71 %92.67
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM24-Jun-2022Dalal Narendrakumar BabubhaiInsider - Promoter GroupSell2,0002.10 L0.02 %104.79
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM23-Jun-2022Dalal Narendrakumar BabubhaiInsider - Promoter GroupSell18,00017.40 L0.14 %96.69
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM07-Jun-2022Dalal Narendrakumar BabubhaiInsider - Promoter GroupSell4,0003.97 L0.03 %99.32
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM03-Jun-2022Dalal Narendrakumar BabubhaiInsider - Promoter GroupSell10,50010.77 L0.08 %102.56
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM14-Jan-2022MUKUL MAHESHWARI (HUF)BulkBuy73,5581.22 cr0.58 %165.96
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM14-Jan-2022MUKUL MAHESHWARI (HUF)BulkSell66,5581.11 cr0.52 %166.03
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM23-Sep-2021JAYESHKUMAR KANTILAL PATEL HUFBulkSell65,80079.20 L0.52 %120.36
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM22-Jun-2021BYTES AND PIXELS FINSOFT LLP .BulkBuy65,2171.27 cr0.51 %194.52
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM22-Jun-2021BYTES AND PIXELS FINSOFT LLP .BulkSell56,2171.09 cr0.44 %194.51
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM07-May-2021URMILA DOSHIBulkSell70,44394.98 L0.55 %134.83
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM07-May-2021URMILA DOSHIBulkBuy65,94388.58 L0.52 %134.33
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM12-Feb-2021DARSHAN RAJENDRA SHAHBulkBuy2,4843.01 L0.02 %121.17
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM12-Feb-2021DARSHAN RAJENDRA SHAHBulkSell88,2751.11 cr0.69 %125.29
Electrotherm (India) LtdELECTHERM12-Feb-2021TRIPTA RANIBulkBuy1,00,0001.27 cr0.78 %126.75