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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL28-Nov-2023PRAVEEN ARORABulkBuy1,60,65010.47 L0.33 %6.52
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL24-Nov-2023ANAND MOHANBulkBuy1,65,0009.92 L0.34 %6.01
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL25-Jul-2023KQUANT ENTERPRISES LLPBulkSell3,11,61917.42 L0.97 %5.59
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL24-Jul-2023KQUANT ENTERPRISES LLPBulkSell3,20,11118.63 L1.00 %5.82
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL07-Jul-2023ZENAB AIYUB YACOOBALIBulkSell2,10,93615.82 L0.66 %7.50
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL07-Jul-2023MANISHA CHORDIA .BulkSell5,00,00037.35 L1.56 %7.47
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL06-Jul-2023AMIT LOHIABulkSell2,12,94116.76 L0.67 %7.87
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL06-Jul-2023SHREE NARAYAN LOHIABulkSell1,88,79314.78 L0.59 %7.83
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL06-Jul-2023SALONI LOHIABulkSell4,00,00031.12 L1.25 %7.78
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL04-Jul-2023ZENAB AIYUB YACOOBALIBulkSell2,38,07220.14 L0.74 %8.46
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL03-Jul-2023SALONI LOHIABulkSell1,75,34515.76 L0.55 %8.99
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL03-Jul-2023ZENAB AIYUB YACOOBALIBulkBuy4,66,65143.49 L1.46 %9.32
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL03-Jul-2023VIKASH LOHIA HUFBulkSell1,80,00016.87 L0.56 %9.37
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL03-Jul-2023ZENAB AIYUB YACOOBALIBulkSell4,65443,607 0.01 %9.37
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL30-Jun-2023ZENAB AIYUB YACOOBALIBulkBuy45,1054.00 L0.14 %8.86
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL30-Jun-2023ZENAB AIYUB YACOOBALIBulkSell3,57,30431.91 L1.12 %8.93
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL22-Jun-2023ZENAB AIYUB YACOOBALIBulkSell1,79,92215.83 L0.56 %8.80
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL21-Jun-2023ZENAB AIYUB YACOOBALIBulkBuy5,22,12247.62 L1.63 %9.12
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL21-Jun-2023VIKASH LOHIABulkSell1,76,55216.03 L0.55 %9.08
Deep Diamond India LtdDDIL21-Jun-2023KQUANT ENTERPRISES LLPBulkSell3,50,00033.74 L1.09 %9.64