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What are Stock deals?

When a large amount of a company's shares are bought or sold, they might have significant impact on the stock price. These transactions are usually done either by high net worth individuals and institutions (ex: mutual funds, banks) or promoters and top employees of the company itself. They are called Bulk / Block deals and Insider Trades respectively.

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StockDatePartyCategoryTxn. typeQuantityValue traded (₹)Holdings changeAvg. trade price
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd30-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell1,50,00029.79 L0.30 %19.86
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd29-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell3,75,00074.64 L0.74 %19.90
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd29-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES PRIVATE LIMITEDBulkSell3,75,00074.78 L0.74 %19.94
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd28-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell4,35,71586.23 L0.86 %19.79
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd28-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES PRIVATE LIMITEDBulkSell4,35,71586.40 L0.86 %19.83
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd27-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell1,59,28431.66 L0.32 %19.88
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd23-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITED RevisedInsider - Promoter GroupSell2,05,00041.95 L0.41 %20.47
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd23-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell2,05,00041.95 L0.41 %20.47
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd22-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell1,75,00036.08 L0.35 %20.62
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd22-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITED RevisedInsider - Promoter GroupSell1,75,00036.08 L0.35 %20.62
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd21-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITED RevisedInsider - Promoter GroupSell2,25,02547.43 L0.45 %21.08
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd20-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell1,20,00026.02 L0.24 %21.68
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd17-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell1,85,00042.31 L0.37 %22.87
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd16-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell1,25,00030.34 L0.25 %24.27
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd15-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell1,35,00033.47 L0.27 %24.79
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd14-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell70,00017.44 L0.14 %24.91
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd13-Dec-2021CAPTAIN PIPES LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell1,87,00046.88 L0.37 %25.07
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd25-Nov-2021KHYATI MEHTAInsider - KMPBuy10235 ~ 0.00 %23.50
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd22-Sep-2021CAPTAIN PLASTIC PRIVATE LIMITEDBulkSell3,32,84786.31 L0.66 %25.93
CPLCaptain Polyplast Ltd22-Sep-2021CAPTAIN PLASTIC PRIVATE LIMITEDInsider - Promoter GroupSell3,32,84786.32 L0.66 %25.93